How to Be Romantic with NetFlorist

The Ultimate Guide to Love, Romance, Sweet Nothings and All That Jazz!

It’s that time of the year… A red tsunami of love, romance and chocolate-covered hearts are about to swallow us whole! But, if you are on the lesser-romantic side of the scale and you are absolutely unsure how to romance the socks off your loved one, then never fear! NetFlorist is here! With our ultimate guide to love, romance, sweet nothings and all that jazzyou will get your bae hot under the collar in no time *wink wink*.

So, here’s what up: How to be Romantic with NetFlorist


How to be romantic with NetFlorist


Whisper “I love you, Elizabeth” in her ear. Not Elizabeth, of course. But the name of your partner. We don’t want you to sleep in the dog box now, do we?


Write a love poem. Forget roses are red and violets are blue. Think more like Shakespeare. Channel your inner Cupid. Let the lurve flowwwwww through your pen.


Make a soppy CD with all of your favourite love songs. It would definitely sweeten the deal if you memorise a few lyrics and sing along when you present it to your boo.


“You see this guy, this guy’s in love with you
Yes I’m in love who looks at you the way I do
When you smile I can tell it know each other very well.”

Herb Alpert
“This Guy’s In Love With You”

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Deliver flowers and chocolates to her office. It’s an old romantic cliché, but it works like a bomb! Weaken her knees and turn her legs into jelly when one of our drivers rock up with a red rose bouquet and a box of heart chocolates for Valentine’s Day, right in front of her door!


Make him breakfast in bed. Nothing is more romantic than waking up to the smell of butter pancakes. Try it. You’ll definitely score a brownie point or three…


NetFlorist's guide to being romance

Leave a love note in your partner’s car, letting them know that you love them.


Watch a romantic movie together. Pop the corn, snuggle, cuddle. You know, NetFlix and chill, of course.


Do something spontaneous! Kiss him in public! Whisk her away on a lunch date for two when she’s at work… Pick a flower in your garden and give it to her. Say “I love you” really loud in public. Dance in the rain…


Make a collage of photos of the two of you. Frame it, wrap it and give it to your honey-bun-bun!


Do his or her chores for them. Take out the trash, do the dishes, vacuum. Spoil them by doing everything they hate to do.


Make little love vouchers or coupons.This coupon is good for _________“.


And if all else fails, a sexy fortune cookie will do.


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