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It is time to play your ‘wild’ card! For most of us, our cellphones have become the go-to option for communicating with the people in our lives. Whether it is to confirm an appointment, sending them a happy birthday message or even to share your sympathies it is fast, it’s super easy but sadly becomes very impersonal. This is why sending a greeting card for the occasion is so important! There are greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day and everything in between. And it is also fast and easy, and has a personal touch!

Nothing beats sending the people you care about a traditional card filled with a heartfelt message! Need more convincing to order a greeting card online? Here is a list of 5 reasons to ditch the digital and send them the perfect greeting card.


1. To Make A Real Connection

Thankfully we have amazing greetings cards for the occasion that make it easy to say the ‘write’ words! Plus sending a greeting card really adds that personal touch! We believe that sending a traditional greeting card lets you express yourself and your feelings. It is in a way that an E-card or a text message just can’t match. A love and romance card is the perfect way to let your sweetheart know they have your heart because it really shows that you took the time and put the effort in to make their day special.

Another way to show that you put effort into your message would be by sending an apology card. If you did something you need to apologise for, you need to send something to show that you really are sorry. And no, a text won’t cut it!  When you order a card online, their forgiveness is guaranteed.


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2.  So That They Have Something To Open On The Occasion

Lockdown has made it difficult to go to parties and to celebrate with gifts. Unwrapping something on the day, whether it be a present or just a card on the special day makes it special. It shows that the other person not only remembered, but also put in effort to celebrate with them.

A personalised happy birthday card will help to get the party started, and a funny birthday card will be even better! It will make them smile on the day that is all about them, and there is nothing more special than that! It’s as easy as picking a card, any card!

Another occasion where you need to pull out all the stops is for an anniversary celebration. Yes, a bunch of romantic red roses is always a good idea, but a personalised anniversary greeting card will make the message clear! If you play your ‘cards’ just right, it might just be the best anniversary ever! So lay all your ‘cards’ on the table.

Birthdays and anniversaries aren’t the only occasions to celebrate. There are Mother’s Day cards, cards for Father’s Day, weddings and Christmas cards available online too.


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3. They Are A Reminder Of Joy

There is nothing quite like sending an actual personalised greeting card to make someone’s day, and we promise they will feel excited and tickled pink to receive a surprise message. It will be an even better surprise when they did not expect to hear anything from you. You ‘card’ go wrong with this!

When they did something to help you out, they might not have expected anything in return. Luckily NetFlorist boasts an amazing array of thank you cards available for sameday delivery! Receiving a thank you gift from you will show them just how appreciated they are. Who knows they might be even more willing to help you out again next time. How great is it to have that card up your sleeve?

And while they might already be celebrating a victory, a congratulations card will make them feel even better about the achievement. It is a great way to remind them that someone out there is cheering with them and only wishes them the best in life.


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4.  A Touching Thought

Life happens! We cannot always see each other in person, purchase gifts or we might be too stressed to engage in a phone call. Sending a greeting card is a way to show that you are loyal to them and that someone is keeping them in their thoughts.

A family member might be going on a health journey and a get well soon card is the bit of care they need, or your good friend needs support (you would love to help, but you have got that thing), then a good luck message is they pick-me-up they need.

A sympathy card for sameday delivery might be the best way to let them know you care without imposing on them. It is like sending them a paper hug that will ‘envelope’ them with your love.


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5. Give Them Something To Keep

Just like a card gives them something to open, a personalised message from you will be something that they would want to keep.  There are a lot of people who put their cards up on their walls or on their desks.  Some keep them in an album so that they can always read them or show them off to family and friends. Greeting cards can even be something that they collect. A friendship card makes a great keepsake to remind them that they have a friend in you!

There really is a greeting card for the occasion. It is a way to relive or to make new memories!

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A card is the best way to express all your emotions including joy, thanks, humour, sympathy, love and admiration. It allows us to connect with the people who have touched our lives. Greeting cards available for sameday delivery straight to their doorstep makes it easy to check up on the people you care about.

Adding a greeting card upgrades any gift. It adds more meaning.  No matter what the occasion is, a greeting card will always be a perfect gift.

Greeting cards really are the best! They can even help your business grow (here’s how). And with so many greeting cards available for the occasion the ‘cards’ will always be stacked in your favour.

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