Get Well Soon Toys will Chase the sick day blues away

Do you remember all those many, many years ago when you were a little kid staying home sick?  The double edge sword of staying home from school sick in bed? It was alternatively glorious not having to go to school, spending the day at home and not having to weather the teacher’s dirty looks or being boxed about the ears. Although when you were a kid and the doctor signed you off you were in an awful kind of no man’s land- at home with all your toys but unable to play with them, confined to your bed. Nothing to do but sleep, stare out the window and stave off the terrible bouts of cabin fever.

It didn’t really matter if you were sick in bed with a fever or from a broken arm; there was only so much time that you could be quiet and peaceful. Well we hate to say this but even with the advent of modern technology and video games there will be a point in their convalescence where they get whiney and bad tempered because they are bored and naturally it will be your problem.

With NetGifts whiney, bad tempered children will be a thing of the past because we have the most extensive range of fabulous get well gifts, we have anything from a mind bending puzzle to keep your poorly sprog entertained while you try and get your work done or have a little bit of time to yourself.

The great thing about the toys and gifts that NetGifts has on their site is that they can be delivered the very next day so your pain in the neck will only ache for a little while until the joy and rapture of a new toy will help the healing process for them and for you.

Before you tell us that they will get over excited and will jump up and down or fall off the bed. But you don’t need to send them the toys that go pow! Or Wham! There is an entire secret world the is hemmed in purely by their imagination – and as we all know our imagination means that everything is possible from a magic adventure with giants, princesses, fencing, fighting, chases and above all true love. If your child was so inclined they could recreate the scary stories from the Brothers Grimm with Janod’s gorgeous finger puppets, or they can explore the land of counterpane with a Janod green push truck or dance through the skies on laughter-silvered wings with a toy aeroplane that can take them to foreign fields, they can take part in vicious god fights in the sky to see who will remain the king of the land of counterpane.



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