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“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature while beautiful old people are works of art”
–Eleanor Roosevelt
In South Africa alone there are an estimated 2.75 Million elderly ladies and gentlemen with over 1 million of them being over the age of 75. In most societies and cultures the elderly are revered and treated with respect that the dignity of age calls for.
While it is the hopes and dreams of youth to end our endless numbered days surrounded by children, grandchildren and if we’re lucky great grandchildren; life doesn’t always pan out the way we plan it and for some of us we will be left alone open to abuse, exploitation and worse.

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May 15 -June 15 2014 is care for the elderly

Fortunately for all the lost souls that have been neglected and forgotten by their family there is a an organisation who has taken up the turquoise banner in a bid to stop the elderly being abused, murdered and exploited; Go Turquoise 4 the Elderly. This non-profit organisation is comprised entirely of volunteers who give their time generously to the elderly of South Africa.

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NetFlorist Mother’s Day 2014 baskets that were generously donated to the Machteld Postmus Kompleks in Pretoria, Gauteng

NetFlorist is a company that loves to help those less fortunate and over mother’s day 2014 one of the hubs had over compensated with one of their pre-made Mother’s day products. With an few left over arrangements a staff member bought a selection of these floral baskets that remained and together with the Go Turquoise foundation delivered these arrangements to some of the old ladies who are living at the old age home Machteld Postmus Kompleks in Pretoria, Gauteng. These bright and beautiful arrangements made such a difference to these women, and we are honoured to have been able to help make their mother’s day 2014.

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The care for the elderly campaign which is run by the Go Turquoise 4 the elderly foundation takes place from the 15th of May 2014 (International Family Day) until the 15th of June 2014 (World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day) and is a bid to create awareness about the elderly in our communities, especially those not accommodated by institutions for the elderly, thus being more at risk.
Give organisations, homes for the aged, congregations, etc an opportunity to generate funds for support of the elderly.
The foundation desperately needs the cooperation of local councils, congregations, schools, NGOs, homes for the elderly, service centres for the elderly and all other organisations that have the well-being of the elderly at heart. We request all of South Africa to help us decorate the towns and cities in turquoise during the period of the campaign. Tree trunks, lampposts, pillars, shopping centres, buildings covered in turquoise will help increase the awareness.

Shop online and turn turquoise with NetGlorist
May 15 -June 15 2014 is care for the elderly

The children may be our future, but even children get old, let’s go turquoise and help care for the elderly.
For more information please call:
Tel 012 322 8885 X 221
Magda: 082 579 6966
Or visit them at: 224 Jeff Masemola Street

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