Everyone loves a Two-fer, especially when it’s cute, adorable, delicious and festive!

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Christmas has come and yet again we are faced with the choice, do you want the gift or do you want to give the gift away to someone else. We all know that guys never really grow up, when they are in their 50’s they still want fancy remote controlled helicopters and boats. Girls are pretty much the same although they hate to admit it, they still melt when they see something cutesy and obviously still want to be the one and only little princess.  When you finally put your game face on and get ready to hit the shops to do some serious credit card damage, rather hit the on button and stay at home whilst you shop online with NetFlorist. We have the best gifts, hampers and flowers and we can help you spoil someone you love dearly or are just friends with, with an awesome gift from our variety of gift ideas and so much more.

Buy and send these awesome little cacti to a loved one or friend Get these cute yet prickly festive season welcomers

Whilst you shop you might get tempted to buy a little somethin somethin for yourself and why not, you are the master of your own credit card are you not? So shop till you drop out of the comfort of your favourite chair and leave the schlep of Christmas shopping to us. Why not send these adorable yet prickly Santa cacti as a festive calling card to friends and family. The three Santa cacti in a ceramic pot are ideal for a teen they don’t need to be watered daily and can pretty much survive anything or for a granny or gramps these three cuties are perfect cause, three is always a crowd and who doesn’t love a little attention.  For the special little lady or gent in your life the kit back pack is awesome, especially for the first day of grade 1 or 000, the chocs will help them fight the big ‘ol crocodile tears that always come when they’re  detached from mom or dad’s leg. For the little princess the fantabulous pink Secret Garden Bag will be too cute for school and for the little explorer and adventurer  the Dinosaur Back Pack will make him the envy of all his peers. NetFlorist has awesome same day delivery and nationwide to boot, not to mention our spectacular 100% satisfaction guarantee. So spoil the ones you love this festive season with the most beautiful and sort after gifts out there on the web and be their favourite person, without all the hassle.

 Buy this special bag for your favourite little man spoil a little girl with this stunning kit bag

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