DIY Succulent Christmas Tree

Dive into a festive world where festive meets succulents—a pairing as unique and charming as a South African summer celebration! These resilient wonders have journeyed through time, originating in arid landscapes where survival is an art. Now, they’re ready to be the stars of your festive décor. Whether you’re embarking on bringing your DIY succulent Christmas tree or a mixture of other plants featuring the likes of succulent terrarium plants, we have the perfect options to choose from. NetFlorist, your online haven for thoughtful gifting, opens the door to a plethora of succulents, the building blocks of your uniquely festive vision.

A Succulent Tale

Now, picture this: no snowmen, but an exquisite succulent tree stealing the spotlight. Festive wishes would take on a new meaning with these indoor plants, blending the holiday spirit with the enduring nature of these desert darlings. Imagine crafting a mini tree using rock rose succulents—tiny desert roses that bring the joy of the season to life in a fresh and unexpected way.

Living Gifts That Keep on Giving

These aren’t just plants; they’re living festive gift ideas that keep on giving. Succulents have evolved into the perfect long-lasting presents, symbolising endurance, and growth—the very essence of the holiday season. Their ability to store water in their plump leaves makes them survivors in the harshest conditions, echoing the resilience we celebrate during the holidays.

Crafting Your Succulent Masterpiece

We took inspiration from Valerie Killeen to make the journey to craft this botanical wonder a joyous exploration. Gather your materials, you will need:

2 green oasis cones

50 cuttings of assorted succulents

2 wooden platforms with a nail for mounting display (A kitchen plate or saucer can work as well!)

1 poker (kebab skewers or chopsticks will work, too.)

Handful of toothpicks

succulent christmas tree

Step 1:

succulent christmas tree

Embark on the creative process by preparing the oasis cones, ensuring snug holes for your succulent stems.

Step 2: Infuse Artistic Succulent Tree Flair

christmas succulent tree

Infuse your succulent Christmas tree masterpiece with artistic flair, strategically placing larger succulents at the base and gradually incorporating smaller ones. Employ toothpicks for stability, ensuring your tree stands tall as a symbol of festive ingenuity.

Step 3: Elevate Your Succulent Tree With Wooden Platforms

step 3

Elevate your botanical creation by placing it atop a nail secured to a wooden platform. A small plate beneath captures water runoff, transforming maintenance into an effortless task and ensuring your tree flourishes.

Step 4: Sun-Kissed Succulent Display

succulent tree 1

Find the perfect spot on a sun-kissed windowsill for your succulent Christmas tree. Water sparingly, acknowledging the inherent water-wise nature of these plants, thriving under the warm South African sun.

As you deck the halls, think beyond traditional flowers. Succulents bring a touch of South African flair to your festivities, offering a playful twist on the holiday spirit. Just in case you need some care tips to keep the flowers radiant all year round, take a gander at these flower care tips and let this season be adorned with succulent joy—a gift that keeps on thriving, just like the festive.

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