DIY Succulent Christmas Tree

In the time of extreme drought and a Christmas in summer, a different approach should be taken to address to celebrating Christmas! We must remember that we’re not having a snowy Christmas this year that means no snow men! But we can make Christmas our own by using indigenous plants such as succulents to make this Christmas festive in our own way! Succulent plants, especially the rock rose kind, look like little desert roses and if you make it into a Christmas tree, your creativity will impress your guests to the extreme! NetGifts offers beautiful varieties of succulents to buy online and with these, you can make your awesome Christmas tree! We took inspiration from Valerie Killeen.

You will need:

2 green oasis cones

50 cuttings of assorted succulents

2 wooden platforms with a nail for mounting display (A kitchen plate or saucer can work as well!)

1 poker (kebabs skewer or a chopstick will work, too.)

Handful of toothpicks

succulent christmas tree

Step 1:

succulent christmas tree

Make several holes in the oasis for your succulent stems to fit in.

Step 2:

christmas succulent tree

Start from the centre with bigger succulents at the bottom and the smaller ones at the bottom. Use a toothpick to balance any stubborn ones!

Step 3:

step 3

Place your tree on top of the nail of the wooden platform on top of a small plate for the water to run into when you water your succulent Christmas tree.

Step 4:

succulent tree 1

Place your succulent Christmas tree on a sunny windowsill and water every so often, remember that these are water-wise plants!


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