How to make Christmas more special this year

This year we want to do something a little different on Christmas and make it extra special for everyone to enjoy. From decorations, Christmas cocktails and making Christmas carol soundtracks, we’ve got the ideas to make this Christmas extra festive for you and your family!

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  1. Be our guest

It’s Christmas meaning lots of people around the house, you’re likely to have a few family members who have come from far and need a place to rest their head. Create a haven of comfiness by providing blankets and pretty soaps and creams. NetGifts has a wonderfully festive bath and body range to pamper your guests! NetGift’s Christmas Travel Bag Gift which has all sorts of essentials that your guest will love like a fold up hair brush, relaxing eye mask, hand crème and a Scarlett Manicure Set. The Pamper Me up Hamper will give them a spa-like experience in your own home with products like a fluffy gown, slippers and Charlotte Rhys products!

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2. Festive floral arrangements

At NetFlorist, flowers are the name of the game and they have put together special Christmas arrangements to bring the festive cheer into your home! The Festive Christmas Spirit Wreath looks great hung on your front door to welcome your guests or the Good Cheer Bouquet to put in vase on the table! This bouquet features a beautiful arrangement of roses, penny gum, decorative Christmas flowers and sprays, wrapped up in our luxurious and water-proof brown tissue paper.festive floral arrangements

3. Christmas lunch

What’s Christmas without eating so much that you land up in a food coma of absolute bliss? For us, Christmas means a roast chicken or beef, crispy fried potatoes, yummy veggies and lots of pudding. NetGifts has some products that will make this Christmas lunch one to remember. To keep the kids busy, why not let them be in charge of the cookies later to enjoy with coffee by giving them the Vanilla Cookie Kit where the delicious NoMu vanilla cookie mix goes great with a cookie cutter. You’ll thank us later for keeping them out of your hair! For cooking your deliciously festive food, Le Creuset has some great options! The Le Creuset Oval Casserole Dish will ensure that casseroles, stews, pot roasting will come out amazingly as well as the Le Creuset Flame Deep Baking Dish. Have the Le Creuset Salt and Pepper Mills – Flame on hand at the table for some extra seasoning. Finish off the lovely meal with some tea or coffee with the Le Creuset Marseille Classic Tea Set with the cookies that the kids baked! Throw in another desert from the Bakery at NetFlorist’s Brownie Holiday Trees – yum!

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