Tips To Help Them Survive Loadshedding

Loadshedding – the one word that can turn any South African’s day from great to ‘gatvol’ in a matter of minutes. Mzansi has every right to be frustrated, but why not take the opportunity to turn your friends, loved ones, and colleagues’ frowns upside down? Because when things are ‘Eskom’-plicated, supporting one another and finding ways to minimise the impact of loadshedding is vital! So, take note, because we have some practical and thoughtful tips to help them survive loadshedding:

1. Empower Them With The Right Gadgets

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a cellphone battery that is on 10% or a laptop that isn’t charged, and then loadshedding kicks in. Our essential electronics keep us connected, and productive and are necessary in case of emergencies. That’s why our first tip is to help others to be prepared and stay connected. You can do this by kitting them out with a powerbank. This nifty gadget is compatible with most mobile devices, and some laptops, and can easily be carried in their bag. Just be sure to remind them that they should keep their powerbank charged too!

Personalised name and message powerbankPersonalised power up powerbankPersonalised message red powerbank

2. Keep Their Food Fresh And Their Cups Full

Loadshedding and perishable foods aren’t the best of friends. Who enjoys saying goodbye to their freshly-bought groceries after one too many days of stage 6? Nobody does! That’s why our second tip to help them handle power outages is to ensure that they’re stocked up with water bottles. Yes, you read that right. Pre-freezing water bottles (with water in them) will help to keep their freezer and fridge cooler for longer. So, the next time loadshedding hits, their food won’t thaw or go bad as quickly. On the topic of water bottles, a stainless-steel bottle is another must-have loadshedding-proof item! It can be pre-filled with boiling water for when they want to make coffee or tea during that dreaded 7 AM slot. And, it will keep their cold water cooler for longer, even when the personalised fridge – which you can get them too –  is out of order.

Personalised gold metallic water bottle Personalised clear water bottlePersonalised desk fridge

3. Kit Them Out With ‘Lit’ And Cosy Items

Cellphone torches are great for loadshedding, but they shouldn’t be the only light source that your friends and family rely on. Instead of letting them get caught in the dark, ensure that they’re stocked up on candles. Besides making de-‘light’-ful birthday and thank-you gifts, they’re a definite household staple during prolonged power outages. Another option is to send them an LED light! They’re ideal for the lounge or the kiddos’ rooms and are fitted with a USB port that connects to a powerbank. Lastly, our final must-have loadshedding-proof item is a hot water bottle. Winter is around the corner and considering that heaters will likely be out of bounce, this will keep them warm and snug!

Personalised candle in jarPersonalised LED lightPersonalised hot water bottle

As you can see from these tips to help them survive loadshedding, ‘brightening’ their day is not as difficult as it seems. By sharing these tips with your friends, family, and colleagues, you’ll be saving them a lot of trouble and frustration. Or, even better, you can gift them the items to spread a little extra positivity and light!


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