Corporate Gifts For Women’s Day That Work

The time is almost near when we all need to honour the powerhouses in our society and the workplace. Women’s Day 2022 is an important day dedicated to acknowledging all the amazing things women do in their field of work and in the community. As a company, there’s no better way to express gratitude towards your female employees and clientele than with a corporate gift that encapsulates it all! As with any other year, Women’s Day in South Africa is celebrated on 9 August 2022. This means you have less than a week to pick the perfect gift for her that will work wonders! Don’t panic just yet! With NetFlorist’s savvy Women’s Day gift guide in your back pocket, finding the right gift will be no trouble!


The Importance Of Gifting Employees 

Women are exceptional beings, and companies simply cannot deny the invaluable contributions they make to the successes and performances of the business. Hillary Clinton notably said, “women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”. So, it’s in every company’s best interest to do everything in its power to retain the best female employees. Recent studies show that employees are 2x more likely to resign if they don’t feel valued at their current company (TINYPulse, 2022). It’s not only that companies that don’t have a healthy work environment and a healthy company culture will struggle to retain their top-performing talent. So, what can you do as a company to show that you care for the wellness of employees?


Exceptional Gifts For Employees 

While equal pay and equal opportunities are crucial factors in empowering women in the workplace, companies should also use other strategies in support of this to make women feel valued. It’s as easy as dropping a unique Women’s Day gift on her desk or having one delivered straight to her doorstep. What could be more special than a personalised gift with her name written all over it? A gift they can use daily, of course, so they can be reminded of the person or company who got it for them. NetFlorist stocks some of the best stationery gifts for employees that will delight them! From stylish mouse and desk pads to handy notebooks and lovely diaries, there’s something online that will set your company apart from the others!

If you’re looking for a suitable gift you can give to every employee, then a chocolate hamper will work perfectly! These hampers come filled with melt-in-your-mouth treats with a Women’s Day design that anyone will want to show off. Perhaps a batch of freshly baked cupcakes will tickle your fancy, too? Bakery goods work perfectly as a bulk corporate gift order. They’re also a delicious treat that the whole office can enjoy at an affordable cost. Now that’s a bonus!

The Importance Of Gifting Clients 

Fostering new client relationships and nurturing existing ones should be the prime focus of any company that offers B2B services. Clients are more likely to do business with a company that builds trust, demonstrates mutual value and treats them well. And with Women’s Day coming up soon, your company can use this opportunity to strengthen its personal connections amongst its female clients. A tried and tested approach to achieving this is sending a corporate gift that shows how much you value them and their business. Don’t make the mistake of sending a generic to your VIP clients to cut costs. Take the time to find out her interests or needs and choose a gift that reflects her worth. Do this right, and your company will remain top of mind.


Courteous Gifts For Clients

Companies need to toe the gifting line carefully in order not to come across as insensitive or tone-deaf. It’s the little things like noting if your clients have dietary requirements like halaal, kosher or vegan. The best corporate gift for Women’s Day your company can give to its female clients is a bath and body hamper. It’s the kind of gift that communicates the special treatment your company will offer to them. You can spoil them with a luxurious Charlotte Rhys hamper that includes hand creams, perfumes, and bath salts. Or, a plush personalised gown with your brand’s logo on it will warm their hearts, too!

If you’re looking to impress her with a gift that she won’t stop bragging about, then an elegant laptop bag will be ideal. It will be the talking point whenever she uses it and it will also garner positive sentiments about your brand from the people listening. Another low-maintenance but practical gift your clientele will appreciate is a succulent plant. It will remind them of the growth you two have achieved together. It can also help them destress whenever they tend to it.

We hope we’ve given you some great corporate gift ideas to spoil your employees and clientele on Women’s Day. Remember that your actions or non-actions will affect your business. It can impact your employees’ and clients’ perceptions, attitudes and loyalty towards the company. A good company knows and understands that people are the most valuable resources that can make or break any business.

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