Christmas is Coming are your geese getting fat? Buy Gifts from NetFlorist…

Today is December the 11th, we are officially slap bang in the middle of the festive season, carols are carolling and we are officially wearing our jolly hats. Turkeys are stored in fridges and Christmas cakes are curing in brandy waiting to be iced with white fondant and snowflakes. The summer holidays are in full swing and Advent Calendars all over South Africa are slowly being opened and the waxy, misshapen balls of chocolate are consumed in the spirit of fun and festivity. Everyone is busy like a busy worker bee getting ready for Christmas Day, December 25th!

Buy Christmas Gifts online at NetFlorist
Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas with NetGifts


We hope that you have got your Christmas prep all prepped and the Christmas gifts neatly and cunningly stowed away in cupboards, under beds and away from prying eyes and pointy unwrapping fingers. If you are like many members of our family you may have left your Christmas Shopping till the last minute or you may be travelling this festive season so you might not have cupboards of Christmas gifts secreted away like a secret Santa. If you aren’t going to be in the country over Christmas or if you have left the shopping to the last minute again – despite swearing that you would never again fight the swarms of people in shopping centres before Christmas again.


Just stop, keep calm and visit NetFlorist, we are South Africa’s largest online florist and gifting site and we are more than happy to take the reigns and play Santa for you – we will even accept a nip of sherry and a mince pie on delivery.


If you don’t have an idea of what Christmas Gifts to get your mother, sister, boyfriend, boyfriends elderly great uncle who has been let out of his retirement home for the day or even your own grandfather we can help. We have an incredible Christmas range available to you. We have perfumebiscuits, and children’s toys –everything to make this year’s Christmas flow smoothly.


Buy Christmas Gifts from NetFlorist
Seasons Greetings From NetFlorist

We love Christmas and all that comes with it, reindeer, elves, snowflakes, mistletoe and figgy pudding (although we’re not entirely sure anybody likes figgy pudding). Although setting the figgy pudding alight is always a highlight at our Christmas table.


For the next 12 days we are going to be bringing you the best Christmas gifts on offer (or our personal favourites at least); we hope that these gifts will inspire you and help put a little festive cheer in the air. We have Christmas gifts that sparkle and shine; gifts for your favourite uncle and your young niece who is starting school in the New Year.


So instead of going bah humbug and retreating to your cave of festive misery just turn to  NetGifts and let us turn your frown upside down with excellent Chrimbo goodies and sweet treats.


Christmas gift boxes
We wish you a merry Christmas

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and tell us which one of our hampers has a Christmas pudding in it. Stand a chance to win some delicious Christmas biscuits. And if you want to find yourself on the top of Santa’s nice list don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @NetFlorist.

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