Celebrate Woman’s Day with Flowers

celebrating national womens day south africa with netflorist and buy flowers online
Radima Moosa, Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph and Sophie Williams – the representatives of over 2000 women who marched, carrying that petitions holding over 100 000 signatures against the 1950 Urban Areas (Pass Act) to the Union Buildings on 9th August, 1956. Picture: DRUM

Spoke of as one of the most memorable moments in South African history, this day represents courage, strength and the voice of South African women that refused to be silent. Almost 60 years ago, this silent march took it’s path through Pretoria to the Union Buildings. Once there, these women peacefully stood for 30 minutes, then left the stacks of petitions outside of the Prime Minster at the time, JG Strydom‘s office doors almost 60 years ago.

This National Woman’s Day, 9th August 2014, is a reminder of the impact woman have made and continue to make in South Africa.

Throughout our lives, there is a woman that made a difference. Whether it be mom who packed your lunch for school, a teacher who gave you the courage to try harder, a close friend who supported you in a rough patch or a grandmother who always had a cup of tea and a freshly baked batch of cookies waiting for you. Commemorate the extraordinary women in your life and celebrate Women’s Day!

“What would men be without women? Scarce, sir…mighty scarce.” 
― Mark Twain

Women’s Day Flowers

It’s a known fact that flowers and women should never be separated. What better way to reunite the pair than on Women’s Day. Choose Women’s Day flowers to delight all the leading ladies in your life.

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Pastel Perfection Rose Bouquet
  •  Women’s Day flowers for mom. Our pick for a mum is rose arrangements. We recommend a these delicate blooms as a symbol of traditional beauty. Go bright and buy cerise roses or keep it elegant with pastel and cream roses.
  • Women’s day flowers for gran. Nothing is as sweet as a grandma’s smile. That’s why our choice of flowers for her is equally sweet daisy arrangements. Go for cheerful colours like yellows or pinks to celebrate the occasion. Or, order a mix of daisies in a pottery vase for her that says it all.


buy boquet of tulips roses and irises online for delivery in sa
A beautiful mixed bouquet of irises, yellow roses and tulips
  • Women’s Day flowers for a best friend, sister or cousin. For one of these lovely ladies, we recommend flowers that are equivalent to a breath of fresh air. Think of tulips, gerberas and sunflowers. Of course, if you know what their favourite flower or colour – you can’t go wrong with buying them flowers to suit!
  • Women’s Day flowers for bosses, secretaries or work colleagues. We love the idea of sending someone a bunch of flowers to their office. Pick a flower arrangements in a vase that they can put right on their desk and gloat about to any passerby.

For more Women’s Day flower ideas and top tips keep on checking the Rambling Rose.

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion.”
 Yves Saint-Laurent

What special memories does Woman’s Day hold for you? What do you do on National Women’s Day? Who do you send flowers and gifts to on Women’s Day? Spill the beans! Leave us your comments below, or share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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