Amazing flower ideas from NetFlorist

“Don’t send me flowers while I’m dead. If you like me, send them while I’m alive”-Brian Clough.

What would the world be without flowers? Absolutely dull, we think, and this is why flowers are such a source of inspiration and happiness for many. From wedding flowers, to birthday flowers, and even sympathy flowers, a big bouquet of vibrant flowers just always seems to do the trick when it comes to expressing human emotions.

At NetFlorist, we aim to challenge conventional flower ideas by putting together some of the most unique floral arrangements around! For this reason, we thought we’d give you a glimpse into some of the amazing flower ideas available from NetFlorist:

Flower baskets:  

flower baskets

Who ever said that baskets are only for carrying items like fruits and utensils are mistaken, as flower baskets are always a big hit with NetFlorist, available in a variety flower arrangements and sizes.

Teacup flowers:  

teacup flowers

If you are wanting to find a flower idea which says a lot, in a “small” way, then teacup flowers may the way to go. Adorable ceramic teacups and mugs are filled with various vibrant flowers and vwaaala, they are ready to be delivered and adored.

Boxed flowers:

boxed flowers

As far as flower ideas go, boxed flowers are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, as well as thank you and “I’m thinking of you” gifts. Whether you like lilies, roses, sunflowers, or any other flowers for that matter, we have what you are looking for in our boxed flower range.

Mixed roses:

mixed roses

Who doesn’t love roses? If you can’t decide on which colour roses you would like to send that someone special, choose from one of our mixed roses flower arrangements which will make their recipient smile in delight.

Conventional may be a safe bet, but if you want to feel inspired by flower ideas which are truly unique and special, head on over the NetFlorist and get shopping!

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