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Our Craft Beer for St Patrick's Day
Our Craft Beer for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades, wearing green, music and songs, Irish food and drinks (green Guinness, anyone?). This year, celebrate St Paddy’s Day with NetFlorist’s list of fun things to do to celebrate St Paddy’s Day.

What to do for St Patrick’s day?

First and probably the most obvious, dress up in your favourite green outfit. Hey, you can even dress up as a magical leprechaun if you want. Get into the spirit of St Paddy’s Day by spraying your hair green, wearing your favourite t-shirt that says: “Kiss me, I’m Irish” and hang a four-leaved clover around your neck. Or whatever you find appropriate and celebratory.

Do something really, really Irish like fly to Ireland and learn Irish dances. Or, maybe not, and just YouTube some “How to Irish Dance” videos, crank up the Irish music and dance your little leprechaun butt off. Invite a few friends over and have a full on Irish party.

Have a St. Patrick’s Day themed party at home. Order some festive flowers from NetFlorist to decorate your house, prepare some green delicious delights and order Craft Beer from us as well. Tell everyone to wear green and chill out with a few beers and Irish music to add a little extra Irishness to the festivities.

Miller Beer in a bucket for St Patrick's Day
Miller Beer in a bucket for St Patrick’s Day

Another fun thing you can do is to buy chocolate coins and a few pots and leave them everywhere around your home or office and leave little pots of gold for anyone to find. You can be a little charitable and leave it around your neighbourhood to brighten someone else’s St Patrick’s Day.

And last, but not least, the real reason you landed on this site – go pub crawling! Most bars and pubs get really into the St Patrick’s Day spirit and will have Irish themed everything. Ever had a green Guinness? Now is your chance to get in on the action and order yourself some nice beer. Visit Irish bars in your neighbourhood with friends for an awesome St Patrick’s Day celebration this 17th of March.

Go for the green and gold and buy St Patrick’s Day beer and gifts online. With a range of flowers and gifts for St Patrick’s Day, you won’t believe that you’ve just landed your Irish butt in our pot of gold.

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