Gifts For A Spectacular 2020

The new year is the time when everyone around you starts to think about their goals for this new chapter in their lives. Loved ones are making New Year’s resolutions, reflecting on what they could have done better in 2019, and looking forward to achieving more in 2020. It’s the perfect time to be inspired, but also the perfect time to inspire others.

If you’re wondering what New Year’s gifts to give, I’ve put together this awesome guide for you! Here are the top 5 gifts to motivate your loved ones and colleagues:

Personalised Stationery

NetFlorist has done the incredible with a new range of personalised stationery. Nothing says, “Productivity” *jazz hands* like a personalised stationery gift for the new year. With a personalised stationery set, notebook, calendar or mouse pad, their procrastination levels are sure to take a nosedive. If it’s a stationery gift for her, this Personalised Girl Power Stationery Set will bring brightness and inspiration to her workspace. As a gift for him instead, get this Personalised Predict the Future Stationery Set. Like many of NetFlorist’s stationery sets, this one features an inspirational quote that will make every moment of work worth it.

Personalised Gadgets and Accessories

While we’re on the topic of productivity, let’s give gadgets the recognition they deserve. At NetFlorist, personalised gadgets are compact and designed to give them everything they need on the go. Filled with personalised power banks and flash drives, this range is the perfect place to start your search for New Year’s gifts. For something a little more stylish, gift a special person a personalised laptop bag or sleeve. Since their laptop is likely filled with work, memories and entertainment, it deserves to be kept in a special place.

Personalised Active Gear

New year’s resolutions often include health and wealth. Support your loved one’s fitness goals with an activewear gift that speaks volumes on how much you believe in them. Whether they’ve just gotten a gym membership, or they’re committing to a morning walk each day, no goal is too small to support. NetFlorist’s active gear gifts range from personalised water bottles to keep them hydrated wherever they are, to personalised T-shirts that are perfect for the runner, cyclist and bodybuilder. Try this Personalised Cursive Water Bottle, available in three different colours so that you can find just the right version for him or her!

Personalised Home Décor and Homeware

Moving into a new home is a wonderful way to start the new year! If they’ve finally found their dream home, some home décor or personalised homeware will ensure that home is really where their heart is. Spoil them with a housewarming gift like a personalised scatter cushion or, if they’re a foodie, a personalised chopping board! When it comes to the home, the possibilities are endless and this Personalised Twirly Lettered Recipe Box is a sure way to make their house a home. They’ll be able to fill it with all the recipes that have been created, borrowed and adapted!

Start their year off right

With NetFlorist’s quick and convenient gift delivery service, making their 2020 spectacular is as simple as ever. Inspire them to take charge of their new beginnings with New Year’s gifts that are thoughtful, beautiful and just right for them. Starting the new year off with a special gift from a special person is sure to give them all the motivation they need!


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