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The night they invented champagne:

Buy Moet and Chandon online at NetGifts
Celebrate the weekend with the one you love and a bottle of Moet and Chandon

Its 5am and your alarm starts to chirp cheerfully and depending on whether you took part in “phuza Thursday” you may or may not recreate the opening scene of Grease, but then as you wipe the sleep out of your eyes and quickly pull your foot back under the covers because actually it’s too cold to even think about getting out of bed until November it dawns on you that today is Friday. You only have 12 hours before the weekend begins; the light is finally shining bright and well shiny at the end of the tunnel. No matter how desperate you week may have been, even if it was packed to the gills with deadlines, meeting after meeting all the stress seems to lift on a Friday because there are a few short hours until it’s party time. So to get yourself and your besties and bro’s into the party mood there is only one thing you can and should do – go shopping for party supplies and by party supplies we mean drinks; but not the “alco-pop” sickly sweet and nasty type of drink but the cool and sophisticated drink that exudes elegance and class. Drinks and canapés are really the only way to start the weekend’s festivities properly and fortunately for you, Shopping online at NetGifts is the perfect place to hit several birds with one ice-cube.

Net Gifts helping celebrate
Beer & nuts – lets get the weekend started with NetGifts

Cheers to the freaking weekend!

Of course you might not be buying drinks in order to “pre-game” as the kids call it but you could be planning an elegant candle lit supper with your friends from work and you’ll need to buy wine for the mains and whisky and chocolates for after dinner – of course you could go to the nearest bottle store but where’s the fun in that and quite frankly all you’ll be getting is the bottle whereas if you shop online from NetGifts you’ll be buying a gift for yourself and everybody knows that the gifts we buy ourselves are the best gifts ever.

Famous Grouse whiskey and chocolates online
Celebrate the good times with Famous Grouse whiskey and chocolates from NetGifts

Of course if you are attending an elegant soiree as a guest you will need to bring a bottle or a box of chocolates because that is just cricket. You’d be a pretty sucky dinner guest if you didn’t bring something in contribution whether it’s a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Shopping for a bottle of wine at NetGifts is the best idea since instant coffee or the windscreen wiper simply because you can a) have the bottle delivered ahead of time with a note that may or may not read, “Looking forward to dinner tonight.” And the best thing about ordering a gift from NetGifts is that it comes beautifully wrapped and presented and delivered to the arms of your host.


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