The Stargazer Lily – Flower Care And Tips

The spirited stargazer lily is no stranger in the world of botanica. In fact, with its tall stem and brilliant bulb shaped stature, these beauties are a feature mother nature is certainly proud to display.

A summer time affair is bound to bloom if you’re looking to grow these stunning flowers in your own garden. “Is this possible” you ask? Yes, of course! With that being said; read on for care taking tips. Whether it be that you’d love to grow lilies in your garden or if you’re wondering how to keep a lovely lily vase arrangement alive for longer than what seems to be a few short days.

While one is relatively easier than the other, both require attention and thought in making sure that the labour of love is reflected in the splendid blossoming of the fragrant oriental hybrid.


Keeping Lilies Fresh

The trick to caring for a vase arrangement of lilies lies in the simple process below. Sweet and short, yet vital to the longer lasting vibrance of these blooms. Repeat this process with every change of water, which should happen as often as possible, considering the heavy feeders and drinkers that lilies are. Follow these flower care tips and their presence in the home or office will delight everyone for at least 2 weeks.

  • With the initial watering and every water change thereafter make sure to cut the stems with a clean knife or pair of scissors at a 45-degree angle. This technique makes it easier for the flowers to suck up all the water they need, keeping them fresh.
  • Fill the vase with cool water and add to it a floral preservative that can be made at home.

(By adding 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to ½ teaspoon bleach or chlorine to the vase, this solution will provide the lilies with nutrients as if they were planted on a flower bed.)

  • Place the vase in a cool environment. Direct sunlight has the opposite effect on cut lilies compared to planted lilies. No direct sunlight at all, so pick a counter in the kitchen, or a desk in a cool environment to display the lilies in.
  • Fresh water is key so water regularly. Look out for decreased level of water in the vase or a change in colour in the water as an indication for the need of a change of water.
  • Last, but not least; ensure to carefully pluck the pollen from each of these stamens in the bulbs, taking care not to allow the pollen to touch the petals.

(Pollen can be a problem as it eats away on delicate flower parts that it lands on, leading to a shorter life for your blooms.)


Taking Care of Lilies In Your Garden

Always keep in mind that planting any flower requires soil preparation be it in a garden flower bed or in pots and containers. While lilies are the easiest lilies to grow, growing stargazer lilies from the bulb is easier than growing lilies from the seed.

  • Plant lily bulbs in the autumn or spring seasons. Between mid and late summer, they will begin to flower.
  • Choose a spot either with full sun or partial shade for your Stargazer Lilies to be exposed to. They require 8hrs a day of sunlight exposure. Too much shade exposure will cause the stems to droop over, causing the need for staking to be applied.
  • Make sure that the soil is fertile and well-drained. It’s best not to let it dry out, so mulching is recommended to help the soil retain moisture and keep the roots cool.
  • When watering, do not water by spraying overhead and this can damage the blossoms. Water the soil directly and maintain mulching as it helps the soil retain water. Your goal is to moisten the soil around the lily.
  • Add a generous amount of 10-10-10 fertilizer after the shoots have emerged in the spring time and water thoroughly directly after.

Remember, Stargazers are heavy feeders and drinkers, so stick to this love language when developing this summertime love affair and it’ll be a beautiful experience. Want more flower tips? We have a post which tells you how to take care of your orchids and another article about arum lilies. Visit our home page and explore the Rambling Rose for more gift ideas and tips!

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