What Halloween Gift To Give Them Based On Their Costume?

It’s almost the spookiest time of the year, Halloween. It’s a fun time for all to dress up as their favourite superheroes or doll up in their fabulous princess outfits! Whatever fictional (or real) character they decide to flaunt on 31 October 2022, we bet there’s a suitable Halloween gift that will complement them! Not only will they feel super special that you got them a quirky and thoughtful gift, but it’ll save you time in picking a gift for them too! So, peek inside their closet, pay attention to their go-to TV shows and movies, and do whatever it takes to get the low-down on their Halloween costume. This way, you’ll know which spoil will delight them! 

Disney Princesses 

Do their eyes beam at the site of glitter and all things glam? Do they have a sparkly crown or a magical wand lined up for every dress they own? Whether it’s Cinderella, Tiana or Elsa, Disney princesses are their fave characters to dress up as. They enjoy dolling up in fabulous ball gowns and doing unimaginable things, like fighting bad people with their superpowers! They need all the energy they can possibly get and our ‘eerie’-sistable baked goodies are perfect! From crumbly cookies and biscuits to decadent Halloween cakes, they’re in for a frightfully fun-filled day. Make them feel like a Hallo-‘queen’ with our amazing personalised gifts, fit for any daint damsel! 


Can they get dressed in a ‘Flash’? Would you say wearing undies over their pants is their default dress style? Then they probably enjoy sporting a superhero costume, like the popular Batman, Spiderman, or Superman characters! To them, being an everyday folk by day and a super charming and strong superhero by night is their forte. They always need to mask their identity so that people don’t recognise them during the daytime. But boy, oh boy, do we have exciting news for you! Our awesome superhero capes and funky kids’ clothing gifts are here for the rescue! ‘Cape’-tivate them with our one-of-a-kind Halloween gifts for kids that they can show off long after the occasion has passed!

Halloween gift for him kids' clothing

Monsters And Mystical Creatures

Are they the type to plan and make their costumes weeks in advance? Do they like the idea of transforming from human to monster at night? Better yet, do they enjoy taking on roles as mystical creatures and aliens whenever it’s playtime? Fantastical beings, such as vampires, dragons and mermaids, are their go-to attire whenever the ‘Howl’-oween season begins! If there’s one thing that stands out about this person’s costume, it’s their creativity and imagination. Treat them to ‘fang’-tastic Halloween snacks they can sink their teeth into after a night filled with scaring people! We have jars filled to the ‘broom’ with sweet candy and surprise chocolate gift boxes with delicious Cadbury, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher and Nestlé bites!  

Halloween chocolates Chocolate gifts Sweet hamper

Celebrities And Pop Stars 

Do they sometimes judge the unoriginality of other people’s outfits because it looks like they whipped it together in 2 minutes? Do they enjoy fantasising about their dream life as a superstar or use this spooky holiday to dress up as their idol? They’re most likely a parent, an older sister or a brother and like the idea of role reversals. Whether they’re prancing around in a daring Lady Gaga outfit or channelling their inner Michael Jackson, the thought of pretending to be their fave pop stars delights them! Luckily for you, we have Halloween gifts for adults too! Spoil them with our fa-’boo’-lous flowers which they can use to decorate their home or put in their hair as a ‘gourd’-geous twist. Keep their spirits buzzing with intoxicating ‘boo’-ze, like tequila or any of our fun alcohol gifts

Halloween Gift - Flowers Tequila Gift Halloween Flowers

Our online gift store is full of amazing treats to give to everyone celebrating this quirky occasion, no tricks! So, if you want to spoil your kid’s friends, your next-door neighbour or your friends who are hosting this year, we have a spectacular surprise for them. Have you figured out which ‘spook’-tacular spoil you’re going to send them this Halloween? 


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