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Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

The Beatles once sang “love, love, love…All you need is love.” Once a year a delightful day swings around that celebrates love and everything associated with it- the colour red, red roses, chocolates, candle-lit dinners and ehem- lacy underwear. So what holiday are we talking about? Valentine’s Day of course! And when is Valentine’s Day? Each and every year Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February, which means that this year you’ll be celebrating this romantic holiday on a Saturday.

Here at NetFlorist we love love and Valentine’s Day. It’s probably our very favourite holiday! In fact we know that Valentine’s Day is an important day for many couples and singletons alike and because of that we’ve put together a fantastic range of Valentine’s Day flowers to buy and send online to that special someone. For the beautiful woman in your life, your mom, wife, and girlfriend, whoever, you can give them the best gift of all- 100 red roses in a glass vase. Trust us when we say that this is a Valentine’s Day gift that any woman would flip to receive!


Gifts for Valentine's Day
Valentine’s gifts and flowers


Now I’m well aware that Valentine’s Day is a day that is looked upon by many as just another consumer driven event, but come on? Shouldn’t we have one day that is dedicated to love and showing love? We live in a giant rat-race, working from 8-5, tired and stressed out and because of this we often forget to show some love to our S.O. Valentine’s Day, as commercialised as it maybe, is a day that reminds us to be loving to our better half and go the extra mile! To super spoil that special someone ordering and sending Valentine’s Day flowers is the best way to do it! When your loved one opens her (or his) front door and sees a whole bunch of fabulous flowers for valentines’ day like NetFlorist’s red rose and Fererro Rocher bouquet, they’ll be love struck and left speechless! NetFlorist has the most amazing range of flowers and gifts for Valentine’s Day to buy and send online in South Africa, this means that you can order flowers online without having to set foot in a crowded mall again! Also if you’re looking to bring sexy back this Valentine’s Day, NetFlorist has also catered for all the Christian Grey’s (and Christina Grey’s) out there. If you’re looking to up the ante you can always buy NetFlorist’s chocolate bondage love crate. In this sexy crate is 750ml Nachtmusik, chocolate body paint, furry handcuffs and a Charlotte Rhys candle – a fab gift for you and your lover to get your…er…sexy on this Valentine’s Day!

All you have to do to buy and send the sweetest and most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts and hampers and flowers online is log on to everyone’s fave online florist and and get shopping now!

So what else is there to say besides have a happy Valentine’s Day love bugs.



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