Sympathy Flowers

Flowers for sympathy
Sympathy flowers

As the saying goes- only two things are certain in life, death and taxes. Death is a concept we are all familiar with, maybe you first became aware of mortality when your pet gold fish went belly up or maybe it was through tragic loss of your grandmother. However you first came to deal with death there are ways in which you can help ease a friend or loved one if they are, themselves, grieving. A thoughtful way to send your condolences is with  is with a bunch of sympathy flowers to buy online.


Funeral wreath
Pink funeral wreath

NetFlorist, South Africa’s largest online florist have made it their mission to help with the stressful and sad times that accompany the loss of a loved one and because they want to make this time as easy as possible they’ve put together a thoughtful range of sympathy flowers to buy and send online in South Africa

Conventionally there are flowers that are considered more appropriate as sympathy flowers. Traditionally St Joseph’s lilies or carnations are given as thoughtful sympathy flowers. But if you would like to part with tradition- roses and chrysanthemums are also seen as appropriate sympathy flowers to send online to the grieving family. A great sympathy flower bouquet to send is NetFlorist’s white roses in a glass vase or a pottery vase full of white daisies. These are both suitable sympathy flower arrangements to send online to the bereaved family.


buy sympathy flowers online
sympathy flowers

Flowers can also be sent directly to the funeral home, though these flowers usually take the form of a funeral wreath or a coffin display. NetFlorist has a large range of condolence flowers for you to buy and send online and because they do nationwide, same day and next day delivery they will deliver your sympathy flowers to wherever they need to go with no hassle or fuss, making this trying time a little easier for you. All you have to do is log on to NetFlorist now and order sympathy flowers online and show your friend or loved one that you are there for them throughout this difficult time.


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