Spring Flower Trends 2014

Harold here!

At NetFlorist, we are very passionate about flowers and fashion and that’s why I decided to bring you this fashionable post inspired by flowers. I’ve decided to show you just how fashionable and on trend flowers are for spring. No, I’m not talking about the odd yellow daisy behind your ear, no, no. I am talking about how flowers can be incorporate to make your spring fashion more er… Springy!

So, tuck that flower behind your ear, grab a cuppa joe and take a look at some fashionable Spring flower trends for 2014. It’s all about the bright and the beautiful this Spring!

Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns Collage

Flower crowns are all the rage right now. You can buy the most beautiful and fashionable flower crowns at the moment. If your hands  are itching to get your craft on, grab some of your NetFlorist flowers that your loved had delivered to your front door, an alice band and some wire. Put your skills into action and decorate your awesome DIY flower crown.


Flower Dresses Collage

Come on now, let those sexy legs come out of hibernation and introduce them to some sun. Shave that winter fuzz and rock those sexy mini dresses this Spring. Fashion brings you stunning dresses with gorgeous floral designs. If you’re a plain jane and just want to add a little floral flair to your summer dress, clip a few Gerberas from NetFlorist to your dress and wear it as a brooch.


Flower Nails Collage

Put some colour on those nails ladies. Add a dab of brightly coloured nail varnish and paint some daisies on those digits. If you’re lookg for some inspiration, oogle the google and find some great flower inspired nail artfloating around on the interwebs.


Flower Shoes Collage

Now that those toes are painted (maybe minus some daisy nail art – or add some if you wish), slip those freshly pedicured feet into a sexy pair of heels! I’ve oogled the google and found some sexy flower inspired heels. Put on a sexy dress and rock the town, girl!


Flower Necklace Collage

Round of that outfit with flowers! Don’t do fashion lady, be fashion! If I may paraphrase the Coco that is Chanel! Wear that plain dress if you much but round it off with a bold and out there flower statement necklace!

EarringsFlower Earrings Collage


Don’t forget about those ears! Add some dazzle and pizzazz andput some flowers in those ears to add a little spring to your step (get it?).

If all of the above is too much and too over the top for you (hey, I’m wearing my sexy and snazzy Hawaiian inspired shorts), then at least put a colourful Gerbera behind your ear this Spring!

Spring has sprung so get out there and get your sun tanon of course. Take your stud muffin  on a date and have a picnic – not only can you show some skin but if you wear sunnies, you can shamelessly oogle his hot body! Or, if you’re the beef cake reading this, take your chicka to the beach and knock the bikini metaphorical socks off her.  



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