Science Says Gifting Is Good For You

Drinking enough water, getting plenty of zzz’s, and exercising are all things that science says are good for us. Most of us don’t second guess doing these things because they’ve been taught to us from a young age and actually make us feel good. But, did you know that the thoughtful birthday gift you sent to your best friend or the romantic gesture that you’re planning for your anniversary is also beneficial to your health and well-being? Yes, you read that right, and it’s even backed by science! Here are some reasons why science says gifting is good for you:

It Gives You That Happy Glow

We’ve all experienced that warm fuzzy feeling after sending someone a gift. And it’s not just you being a nice person! A study by The University of California found that when people give gifts, parts of our brain that are associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust get activated (McGee, 2021). When these parts are activated our brain releases feel-good chemicals, like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. That’s why you get a happy glow after sending someone a gift! So, next time when you need a mood booster, don’t buy yourself a snazzy new handbag. Rather surprise a friend with a beautiful bouquet because we do feel happier when we give a gift compared to when we buy something for ourselves.

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It’s A Natural Stress Reliever

Besides being good for your mental health, science also suggests that there are health benefits of gift-giving. Research shows that people who take time to give back to their communities, either through social support or helping others, have lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and feel less depressed compared to people who don’t (Cleveland Clinic, 2020). Charitable acts are the noblest form of giving, but appreciating someone with a heartfelt thank-you gift is equally as thoughtful. No matter how you’re giving (or gifting) it will elevate your mood and make you feel lighter and less stressed.

It Cultivates Generosity And Longevity

Giving is one of the main reasons why humans have survived for thousands of years. Taking care of one another through sharing food and shelter is part of our natural generosity and has allowed us to thrive through building communities (Haltiwanger, 2014). Our natural generosity continues to be cultivated through gift-giving. We celebrate others on special occasions like weddings and support one another in times when we’re sick or feeling down. These small acts of kindness foster cooperation, social connection, and help us to live a longer and more social life.

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As you can see, the scientific benefits of gifting can help you to be a happier, more generous, and socially fulfilled person. Taking time out of your day to wish someone with a greeting card or brighten their day with blooms is as important as getting enough sleep and exercising. So, next time that you want to prioritise your social connections and personal happiness head over to NetFlorist to order a stunning gift for them!



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