3 reasons why gift-giving is better than receiving

Gifts and surprises are some of the many things that bring a ton of joy to receivers. They often make one feel appreciated, loved, and celebrated. And honestly, nothing beats being spoilt with treats! But then what about the gift-giver? Do they get any joy from making someone’s day? Well, there are a few answers to that question. Gifting does more for the sender than for the receiver and you’re probably wondering how? We’ve listed 3 of the biggest reasons why gift-giving is better than receiving.

If you haven’t sent a gift in a while or just don’t believe in gifting because, ‘what’s in it for you?’, then this blog is just for you! If you are one of the sceptics read on to see how gift-giving is beneficial to your health and more.

Makes you live longer

If you are the kind of person that wants to live forever, then gifting is definitely a thing you should continue practising over and over again. It has been found that being generous to others has a direct impact on your lifespan. This is possible due to hormones like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. The group of hormones is referred to as the “feel-good” hormones. They are the same hormones responsible for one’s good health.

So how does this relate to gifting? Well, gifting is regarded as an activity that triggers dopamine, just as eating chocolate or listening to music would. happy the hormones get triggered as a result of gifting. This in turn automatically lowers your stress levels, which means a good step towards healthy living. On that note, we say go on and place your next gift order, because it can keep the doctor away. Plus, you have options from flowering plants to personalised gifts.

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Boosts your overall mood

It is fair to say that when you are thinking of gifting someone, your primary thought is to make them happy. You are hoping that your gift ideas are good ones because otherwise, you will not receive the outcome you were hoping for. But when your gifting is successful you get an automatic good mood boost from seeing the recipient happy.  Chances are that the outcome and the experience left you looking forward to gifting again and just feeling happy in general. Now you’ll look forward to the occasions when you get to warm the hearts of those you care about.

Improves and strengthens your relationships

A moment shared with loved ones is always very special. This is why most people look forward to celebrating a birthday or other occasions, like Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. Hence, nothing strengthens relationships like making time and effort to let them know that you are always thinking about them. Gifting someone communicates your appreciation for them and how you want them to stay in your life. It communicates that you treasure the bond you have and want to make it stronger. In turn, the recipient feels valued and loved. They too will be motivated to reciprocate the appreciation and help nurture your relationship.

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There we have it. Doing something good for others helps improves one’s selflessness. No matter how small the gesture is, it becomes a feel-good moment. Plus, it comes with the added benefit of stress reduction and more happy hormones injected into your system. We say go ahead and destress on our website with lots of spoils to choose from. Be it something as small as chocolate brownies or big as home décor. All you have to do is come up with gift ideas for him or her then identify a special someone you want to gift. It will be even easier when you shop by category at NetFlorist and with all the special spoils we have, you just might love gifting.

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