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You might not see a reason in buying your woman or man a gift but the truth is in a relationship you need to give each other gifts every now and then. It doesn’t have to be their birthday so that they can get something from you; you can make it your own tradition and start buying each other gifts for no reason. You could buy him socks with his favourite cartoon character or you could buy her flowers every now and then. It’s the little things that count so much, don’t look at a bigger picture and think these small ones no one is paying attention to, while someone is. Why does the art of gift-giving matter so much? It is said that purchasing a gift without really considering its intended recipient may come off as manipulative like you up to no good and want to show how sorry you are for about to doing something or if it’s already done and they don’t know it yet. Don’t even try to re-gift something; you might end up in trouble, because what does it say about you exactly, that exact thing you think it is, that you don’t care. If you don’t get away with it, you’re putting a relationship at risk. Being a recipient of a gift that someone is just passing on to you violates all the laws of gift giving, especially that you should make an effort and choose a gift for someone. Be a giver for once and not a receiver, if you know you always receive and never give, how about the wheel changes and you do it, you will feel good about yourself. Stop playing the ‘ohh I forgot’ game, man-up and show your woman you can do better than that and still want to spend the rest of your life with her by your side.


You might even think of proposing but if you fee you not ready, no need to rush into things, one step at a time. You can check out this lovely online store that has so many gifts to offer all hopeless romantics like you and I something good to give. She will be so surprised she won’t even have the words to express what you just did. You can start of by getting a lovely hamper that comes with teddies, or you can go for more personalised gifts, you know how woman will drool over that.


giant teddy bear with chocs and pongracz

All in the name of giving, save the best gift for last and give it to her when she thinks you have given her enough for the night. Then pop it out and see how priceless her face gets, and you never know even though you think she didn’t get you something, she might surprise you big time.

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