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Who remembers sunrise service in your Sunday best? Hats for the ladies, pastel suits for your little brother? Baskets of Easter eggs and treats, and for some reason, a bunny? Let’s not forget Aunty Abigail’s freshly baked hot-cross buns and pickled fish. It never gets old, right? Everyone deserves a bit of that nostalgic joy these days. For two years, many of us have missed out on these kinds of celebrations. But thankfully for Easter 2022 which is from 15-17 April, things might be feeling a little more normal. This gives you the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved ones with something from our Easter gift guide.

Think outside the basket this year! While Easter is a time of reverence, family feasts, and egg hunts, a little gift-giving never hurt anyone. Of course, the traditional chocolate-filled eggs and bunnies are always a good idea. But, if you want to add something a little more ‘eggs’-traordinary, we’re here to help you. So, get ready to put the final touches on every bunny’s basket! Yup, Easter gifts for adults are just as popular as Easter gifts for kids these days. So, whether you’re searching for new blooms, Christian-themed gifts, or even pastel-clad cookware, you’re bound to find at least one item that fits the bill.

Glorious Gifts Of Faith

For Easter, you might also be interested in honouring the deeper meaning of this holiday. While it’s commonly associated with the Easter bunny and hunts for chocolate-covered eggs, it shouldn’t be forgotten that this is a religious holiday. Whether you use the term Easter or Resurrection Sunday, it’s a time for Christians to focus on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Along with the more whimsical ideas, you may want to add a religious Easter gift in keeping with the more serious side of the day. However, it isn’t always easy to find faith-based gifts that explore the wonderful meaning of Easter, luckily, we have plenty to choose from!

What better way to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ than with something to remind your loved one of the true meaning of the Easter Weekend? We believe the best way to do this is by sending them a gift that incorporates their favourite verse or prayer. From bible cases to personalised notebooks, we’re sure you’ll find just the right gift. This might all seem a bit serious, but the spiritual importance of this holiday shouldn’t mean that kids can’t enjoy (and appreciate) gifts of faith, too! A chocolate gift with a bible-verse design, for example, is a fun way to start a family conversation about the meaning of this holiday.

Personalised He Is Risen MugPersonalised Bible CaseOne And Only Son Candy Jar

‘Egg’-stra Special Easter Essentials

Not to worry, sweet tooths, chocolate connoisseurs, and hunting kids alike: we have plenty of holiday staples here, too. It’s not a basket stuffer if it doesn’t involve at least a little bit of sugar, or some fluff, right? If you’re in the market to get cracking on something chocolatey and egg-shaped. We’ve got you covered. No matter your age, eating obscene quantities of chocolate at Easter is a delicious, non-optional celebration. Whether you’re helping to prepare for the annual kids’ Easter egg hunt or presenting a tasty reward to a loved one after giving chocolate up for lent, we have the best, most festive chocolates available online! From Ferrero Rocher truffles and hat boxes filled to the brim with Nestlé, these gourmet gifts will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Of course, it’s not all about the chocolate (though that’s up for debate). We also have yummy snacks like dried fruit and nuts with the sneaky speckled egg inclusion, too. As well as scrumptious Easter-themed cakes and bakes from the best bakery in Johannesburg! And, what would Easter be without some stuffed teddies? If you still think Easter has to be all about chicks and bunnies, think again: We’ve got a few unicorns and puppy plushies that’ll have boys and girls forgetting all about bunnies. Plus, most of them come with choccies included, too! Now all you have to worry about is the oncoming sugar rush.

Cadbury Chocolate TowerSpeckled Egg CupcakesDried Fruit And Nuts

A ‘Blooming’ Bit Of Decoration

Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings, and nothing says ‘new’ like a vase of fresh blossoms. As you’re putting the finishing touches on your Easter decorating and lunch, don’t forget to incorporate some beautiful blooms. There are so many fresh flowers to choose from when it comes to Easter (especially since every bloom has a hidden meaning). Choose from colourful blooms like tulips, or incorporate the symbolic white lily, which represents grace and the resurrection. If you’re asking us, white lilies and soft pastel arrangements are two timeless classics that you can’t go wrong with!

Plus, Easter baskets aren’t just for kids anymore. We’re sure the adults in your life will appreciate the simultaneous beauty and practicality of homeware and kitchen and dining gifts for a family lunch. Not that grown-up gifts have to be serious. Have a cousin with a whimsical streak? Sounds like they need some bunny-themed cutlery for an Easter gift. Shopping for a coworker with a penchant for cooking? An Easter-themed chopping board is just what they need. We have an array of pretty and (genuinely) stylish Easter gifts for adults that even your chicest of friends will love and appreciate. From pastel-hued Le Creuset mugs and cookware for the dinner table, to scatter cushions and even personalised photo frames to make family time that much more memorable. These gifts are certain to make their holiday a whole lot ‘hoppier.’

Pretty Lilies In JugLe Creuset MugCarrol Boyes Bunny Cutlery Set

Whether you’re shopping for your kids, friends, or family, we’ve got the best Easter-approved gifts that every-‘bunny’ will love. While they’re ‘egg’-ceptional too, these go beyond chocolate eggs and multicolored sweets. These presents are so good, you may not even want to give them away! Jokes. You should never go to the Easter egg hunt or brunch empty-handed. No matter how close or far apart you are from your loved ones this season, they’re bound to adore these Easter basket must-haves. Happy stuffing!

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