Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Mom

It’s true, mom deserves to be spoilt every day of the year, but Mother’s Day calls for something extra special! Mother’s Day South Africa falls on Sunday, 9 May this year. And if you’re feeling a little bit stressed over what to gift Mom – don’t! Because we have Mother’s Day gift ideas for every type of mother out there. Not to mention that these are some of our most popular gifts too!

Seriously, whether you’re looking for a gift for your mother, grandmother, aunty or even your wife, we have gorgeous gifts that are sure to make her swoon! Plus, we’ve gone even further to find amazing gift suggestions to suit their personalities as well as their hobbies. Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts online has never been so easy! PS. You’re welcome.

Gift ideas for mom Gifts For Mother's Day onlinegift ideas for moms day

For The Head Chef

This is the kind of mom who spends all of her time in the kitchen. She devotes her Sundays to perfecting her roasting skills (not just you, the duck too). And she can make a pie crust that even Mary Berry wouldn’t dare to call soggy.

Luckily, we have loads of phenomenal Mother’s Day gift ideas that will leave your foodie mom pleased as punch! With gifts like ours, there’s no doubt that she’ll be cooking up your favourite meal in no time at all! From chopping boards to inspire her to go a little over-‘board’ to aprons to prove that she’s truly the head chef in the kitchen, she’s bound to love these sought-after spoils.

mother's day gift ideashomeware for mom

When the cooking is said and done, even this mom deserves a rest. There’s nothing like spoiling her with a cup of coffee or tea from a personalised mug. Or even better, a personalised mug tube! Not to mention that we also stock brand name mugs such as Le Creuset. These are the ideal way to make a ‘brand’ gesture!

moms day gift ideas online shoppinggift ideas

For The Sweet Tooth

This kind of mom has a cupboard that is permanently filled with sweet snacks. She’s always up for dessert and never ever says no to a treat. Chances are if you look in her desk drawer at work you’ll find a chocolate wrapper or two.

The sweetest lady in your life definitely deserves something as sweet as she is! And we have loads of gourmet Mother’s Day gifts to choose from! Whether she has a soft spot (or should we say a sweet spot?) for chocolate hampers or can’t get enough of Sally Williams nougat, we have gifts that she won’t be able to wait to sink her teeth into.

For The Luxury Lover

She’s a lover of nice things and she deserves to be, after all the hard work it took to raise you anyway! This type of mom is partial to the finer things in life and has rather expensive taste.

You simply cannot go wrong with some gorgeous perfume for her! Whether you spoil her with her signature scent, Elizabeth Arden Red Door or make her step outside her comfort zone with a perfume gift set, there’s no better way to show her that she is the ‘scent’-re of your whole world.

You could also dazzle her with some beautiful jewellery gifts which make the best Mother’s Day gift ideas! Trust us, a stunning necklace is a sure-fire way to ease the memories of every time you were a pain in her neck! While we’re on that same wavelength, a scarf is sure to make her feel like she’s up to her neck in luxury and style! Our scarves are available in a number of unique and beautiful patterns which are almost as special as she is.

A number of these scarves are also part of a bigger hamper which includes the likes of Charlotte Rhys bath and body products, which are sure to leave her feeling preened and pampered. We mean, what mom doesn’t love a relaxing bubble bath? And we all know that she could use the down time!

Personalised Gifts For Mothers Day

For The Sentimental Soul

This kind of mom is guaranteed to get the photo album out every time you visit, and what’s a phone call without her tearing up and telling you that she remembers when you were just a baby? Whether she’s your gran, your mom or any other mother figure in your life, she deserves a gift that’s as thoughtful as she is!

When it comes to the sentimental soul, there’s only one kind of gift category that will do… and that’s personalised gifts! Mother’s Day 2021 should be all about celebrating her and the memories you’ve shared together. Seriously, what mom wouldn’t want an acrylic block with her favourite memory frozen in time? Talk about sending a marvelous ‘mom’-ento!

For The Mom Who Has Everything

She’s got knick-knacks and practical gifts and her home is basically a green house. You probably feel like she has it all. But don’t fret, because we have Mother’s Day spoils that even this type of mom is sure to adore!

She is simply guaranteed to love gadget gifts such as a personalised cell phone cover which means she’ll never have to deal with a cracked phone screen again! A personalised power bank is another lovely way to show her just how powerful an influence she’s had on your life!

There’s one more fail-safe Mother’s Day gift that she is bound to adore and that’s wine! Yep, we said it, what mom doesn’t enjoy a glass of vino every now and then? We’re telling you, make her Mother’s Day ‘wine’-derful with a personalised bottle of red or white wine and glassware that has her name on it!

For The Homebody

This is the kind of mom who treats her home like her sanctuary. She’s spent years carefully curating every corner of it and could spend ages rearranging the bookshelves.

Why not give her a gift that will not only help her home look super beautiful, but will also bring some life into it? A houseplant is the ideal way to do just that! From gorgeous green plants such as succulents and bonsai trees to flowering beauties like elegant orchids and terrific tulips, you’re bound to find her a wonderful ‘soil’-mate in no time at all.

There’s no doubt in our minds, that her nurturing touch will be able to help any pot plant grow and reach its full potential!

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate each and every mom for how wonderful and unique they are! And with this gift guide, there’s really no excuse not to find the perfect present for her. Make sure you wish her “Happy Mother’s Day” with amazing prezzies from NetFlorist! Find more Mother’s Day gift ideas here.

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