How To Make The Holidays Special For Kids

It’s no secret that everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holiday. But if there’s one group of the population that’s extra excited about it, it’s South Africa’s children. They’ll be enjoying four full weeks of doing absolutely anything, spending time with friends, and opening festive prezzies – must be bliss! As a parent, however, you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to keep the kiddos entertained. Wonder no more because we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve on how to make the holidays special for kids.

Let Them Get Creative & Crafty

One holiday activity that will keep them busy for hours is arts and crafts! Not only is it loads of fun but it also helps to develop their imagination and creativity. So, bring out the crayons, glitter, stickers, and any other stationery that’s lying around the house because it’s time to get crafty. Let them create DIY festive cards for the family or colourful stars to add to your collection of holiday decorations! Another ‘tee’-rrific way to entertain them is to order paint-your-own T-shirts from our range of kids’ clothing. The T-shirts can be personalised with the kiddos’ names and includes fabric paint. Before you know it, the holidays will be Van ‘Gogh’-ne and you’ll have a house full of happy creatives!

Personalised Kids' Paint Your Own ShirtPersonalised Christmas BaublesPersonalised kids' stickers

Let Them Bake Up A Storm

If the kiddos are craving treats because they’ve been ‘baking’ with play dough and cookie cutters, let them bake the real deal! From cupcakes and brownies to Christmas biscuits, there’re so many tasty (and flop-proof) online recipes for kids to follow. Alternatively, bring out Grandma’s secret recipes and introduce your children to special family traditions. Just imagine the smile on Grandma’s face when she hears about this! Baking is also a great educational holiday activity. It assists with developing hand-eye coordination, lets them practice math, and teaches children to follow recipe steps. To make their baking session extra memorable, delight the kiddos with their very own personalised aprons! Our selection of kids’ kitchenware includes a variety of apron colours and designs – they’ll look too a-‘dough’-rable for words.

Christmas DoughnutsPersonalised Kids' ApronPersonalised Festive Biscuits

Let Them Get In Touch With Nature

After they’ve devoured all the baked goods, the best way to get rid of their sugar rush is to spend time outdoors. Exploring nature encourages physical and mental health, and prevents children from becoming couch potatoes. Let them get fresh air by going for a hike or a walk in the neighbourhood. You can invite their friends and take the dogs along to make it even merrier. Just don’t forget a water bottle to ensure they stay hydrated, and some healthy snacks, like dried fruit and nuts, in case they get ‘hangry’! Another outdoor activity for kids is to let them start a herb garden. Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow and they’ll love to water and tend them. Now that’s how you ‘grow’ their green thumbs!

Dried Fruit HamperPersonalised Kids' Water BottleEmoji Herb Plant

Let Them Enjoy Themselves

These holiday activities for kids have hopefully provided some inspiration on how to make the holidays special. No matter what you end up doing, the key is to always create a fun environment for them, and the rest will follow. A special holiday doesn’t require spending a ton, but if you are looking for kids’ gift ideas to spoil them with you know where to find us. Also, you can thank us later when their ‘what I did during the holiday’ oral is filled with memorable stories!

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