How are you preserving your Valentine memories?

Now that the rush of valentine’s day is over, the bubble of love has burst, your flowers, if you received any and if we managed to deliver to you on time, have begun to wilt and droop. You’ve eaten all your  chocolates and your gift of champagne is now sitting empty with the other glass items to be recycled by the back door and the anti-climax is palpable. Frantically you are searching for a way to preserve the love and keep the wrappers for posterity. You’ve tried scrapbooking, but that was an unmitigated disaster after you hot glued your head so a lollipop stick and the last time you tried to  make potpourri you ended up with mouldy petals and because everyone in your house has a cellphone you don’t need a phone book so pressing the  petals of your valentine’s roses is out. Dejected you sit on the floor surrounded by the remnants of the most romantic day of the year.


Here at Rambling Rose we have been scratching our heads in trying to find new and different ways of preserving your valentine’s memories and yes we might actually mean, taking a short break from tracking down orders and making things right with all the people we let down on Friday. One of the solutions that our brainiac team of bloggers found was turning a bottle into a glass.


Turning a glass bottle into a drinking glass:


Its very easy but will need adult supervision or just have a woman on hand with a bandage in case you are accident prone. Simply dip a string in paraffin or a flammable liquid, then tie it round the bottle- just a little ways down the bottle neck. Once you’ve done this (and please be very careful, wear shoes and stay away from polyester while doing this) hold the bottle horizontally and light the string turning the bottle as you light. You need to keep the string burning until you hear a crack. You should hear a crack after about 10 seconds.

Once you have heard a crack pour cold water on the string and the top of the bottle will fall off- we hope. When we tried this there were a few casualties in that the glass was weak and the bottle cracked and broke – if this happens just turn your champagne bottle into a mosaic. Before you start drinking from your valentine’s day bottle of wine or champers make sure you sand the edges down with sandpaper otherwise blood will be spilt every time you take a casual sip on your glass, which would be perfect if you didn’t like guests or you were a vampire but it’s really not advisable as drinking should be a luxury and not a health hazard.

If that’s too much PT you could always start a dust collection and save all your bottles ever and keep dust on them. But that’s not really a legitimate solution is it, no we didn’t think so either which is why that intern has been given compost duties for the next week.


If you missed to opportunity to dry or press your petals you could always just turn them in to compost and then spread it over your garden continuing the circle of life – dammit how did this get in here, Intern Marie will be punished with an extra 3 weeks in the compost heap we are terribly sorry for all of these terrible ideas.


However you have decided on preserving your valentine memories always remember that you can keep the flame of love fanned all year round and not just on Feb 14 by sending gifts and flowers from Net Florist.

Please let us know some of the fun and creative ways that you have found to keep your February 14 2014 messages and gifts safe from the hands of time.


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