Deepest apologies from NetFlorist

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, roses, hearts and cherubs for people all over South Africa and the world.

NetFlorist- South Africa’s largest online gifting site was at the front line making sure messages of love, affection, adoration and even sympathy; because life don’t stop, even on Valentine’s Day made their way out in to the world to gladden the heart or lend a pillar of strength.  Friday the 14th of February 2014 was a day that instead of being filled with love, excitement, joy & phone calls and wall posts of thanks was for many a day that was filled with disappointment and tears because many people were let down by a surprise token was not delivered on the correct date if at all.

First of all we would like to offer a formal and sincere apology to everyone who is still waiting for a valentine’s message or bouquet from us.  We were inundated with orders from and for people all over the country; Netflorist had approximately 18,000 orders of gifts, flowers, balloons, teddies and chocolates to deliver; unfortunately we messed up and out of the 18,000 orders we are currently sitting with a whopping 400 unfulfilled gifts, flowers and tokens of love.

We cannot apologise enough and while we know that an apology doesn’t make up for the argument that ensued when your wife’s arrangement wasn’t delivered or the tears that you were greeted with when you picked up your fiancé for dinner last Friday night please know and be aware that we are making our way through your complaints and are dealing with each disappointment personally. This will take some time because in a lot of cases there is an amount of detective work involved – tracking down orders and sorting through a list of drivers that are our own drivers and temporary drivers that we hired to try and help with our orders.

Each one of you are incredibly important to us and we wish from our heart of hearts that we had been able to get your Valentine’s Day wishes out to your loved one’s in time.

Much love to all of you from the NetFlorist Bunch Xoxo

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