Flower Meaning 101 – What do flower types say about how you feel?

From birthdays, to anniversaries, to simple gestures of love and gratitude, there is just something about flowers which make them the ultimate gift. While receiving a lovely bouquet of beautiful, sweet smelling flowers is always a real treat, have you ever stopped to think about the idea of flower meaning? In other words, did you know that each flower type has its own unique meaning? Before you go grab the first flower arrangement you see, read on to find out more about the symbolic meaning of your favourite flowers.

flower meaning


Known for their petals which come in a variety of colours, tulips are one of the most popular flowers around. The meaning does differ depending on the colour, but generally, tulips represent  comfort and perfect love.


These rare blossoms are known for their beauty and longevity, and look great in any setting. The orchid is the ultimate gift for someone special, as it symbolises elegance, strength and love. They are also available in a wide range of vibrant colours, each with their own meaning.


These cheerful and affordable flower delights are perfect for any occasion, and represent new love. Therefore, you should go ahead and liven up that blooming romance with some carnations!


Roses are classic and gorgeous, making them the subject of many poems and love songs. It therefore doesn’t take much to work out the flower meaning of these beauties. You guessed it- they represent LOVE! If you are looking for a truly romantic flower gift, look no further than a bouquet of vibrant red roses. While you’re at it, have a look at the other rose colours available, such as white roses, pink roses, and even black roses!


With their sunny and bright appearance, who wouldn’t be bowled over by a bunch of sunflowers arriving at the door? These sunny floral wonders are said to represent happiness and loyalty, as well as pure thoughts.

All in all, flowers are full of meaning and can say a lot about how you feel about someone. Next time you are trying to decide which flowers to surprise somebody special with, think about the deeper meaning which will make your flower gift all the more special. Now that we have clued you up, we suggest you head on over to NetFlorist and check out our amazing range of flower arrangements, for every occasion!

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