Finding The Perfect Gift for your Boyfriend is Easy with NetFlorist!

“Save a boyfriend for a rainy day- and another, in case it doesn’t rain.”- Mae West.

We all have our opinions when it comes to boyfriend rules and etiquette, and while we hope that your boyfriend is good enough to keep for both a rainy and non-rainy day, we feel that you need to show him how amazing he is by finding him the perfect gift when it comes to those special occasions.

At this point, you may be hyperventilating at the thought of finding a gift for your boyfriend. After all, men are just so hard to shop for! Us girls love everything from jewellery to chocolates, but men seem to just need a TV and a beer and they are good to go! Don’t worry, because NetFlorist is here to help you come up with the most fabulous and original gift ideas for your boyfriend, based on the type of guy he is:

He loves his booze: PER093

So your guy loves his booze. Big surprise. Before you rush to the supermarket to buy him a six pack of beers, let us tell you about some of the awesome liquor gifts for men which you can find at NetFlorist’s online gift store. From craft beers to whiskey to wine, we have a wide range of amazing alcohol gift sets which will have him smiling with joy. A far as gifts for boyfriends go, this one is a winner!


He has a sweet tooth:RA2944

So your boyfriend loves to snack on chocolates on sweets- who doesn’t? Get a gift for your boyfriend which will satisfy his sweet tooth! We have some really tasty chocolate hampers  which will really show him what a “sweet” girlfriend you are!


He’s a sentimental type of guy:RA4664

Although we like to think of men as sport loving tough guys, let’s face it- they can also be very sentimental! It is therefore a good idea to shift your thinking a little when it comes to presents for your boyfriend and get him something sentimental! Examples include our personalised gifts or even a cuddly teddy bear gift which will make him think of you every time he sees it. Don’t be afraid to get a little mushy, girls!

No matter what type of boyfriend you have, it is important to find him a gift which suits his personality and interests, and shows him how much you love him! Whether you are looking for birthday gifts for your boyfriend, Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, or gifts for any other occasion, we have you covered!

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