Easter 2016

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Easter is the one time one year that it is totally acceptable to put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t you remember  waking up at the crack of dawn, already bouncing off the walls with excitement one the morning of Easter? You searched high and low for those tasty chocolate eggs and then gorged yourself on all the chocolatey goodness. So when is Easter 2016? Well this year Easter weekend is from the 25th of March to the 28th of March meaning that you have an awesome 4 day weekend to relax and unwind with.

Now when it comes to Easter there are two types of people: those who celebrate for religious reasons. To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and all that he did for mankind! For others still, Easter is less about the religious experience and more about the scoring delicious goodies and treats- the chocolate bunnies, the Easter eggs, jelly beans and hot cross buns, all those awesome treats!

This Easter 2016, if you are looking to spoil a family or loved one there is no better place to turn to than NetFlorist and their online flower and gifting store in South Africa!

For any kids that you may know, be they young or old (we all know that you’re going Easter egg hunting even if you’re 30), NetFlorist has fabulous Easter chocolate gifts that you can send on behalf of the Easter Bunny! At the NetFlorist’s gift shop the have Easter cakes and cupcakes to buy and send online as an Easter treat, we have hampers full of Cadbury’s chocolates and if you are looking for a treat for the older kid, dad or granddad you can send him the Easter gift of wine and chocolate- the best of both basically!

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And as Easter is all about sharing the love with friends and family, why not spread some Easter cheer by sending an Easter gift online in South Africa with NetFlorist’s online gift shop to your friends and show them that you’re thinking of them this Easter!! Chocolate covered smiles are not included in their gifts but NetFlorist does guarantee that there will be plenty of them when your friends and loved ones are surprised with a present from NetFlorist this Easter!

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