DIY Halloween Decorations – Halloween Flowers

Get ready for some spooky fun with some DIY Halloween decorations! At NetFlorist, we’re fully embracing the Halloween season, bringing you a frightfully fantastic collection of Halloween flowers and gifts that will have your loved ones howling for more! With all the exciting things happening here, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to create a guide on how to make your own Halloween decor – a ‘spook’-tacular door wreath, perfect for those trick-or-treaters who’ll come knocking on your door this October 31st.

So, how can you make this ‘spook’-tacular DIY Halloween decoration? It’s easier than you think!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A ring-shaped floral oasis
  • Your choice of flowers (we used roses, eucalyptus, sprays, million stars, and latifolias)
  • Halloween decorations (we’ve even designed some spooky printables ourselves, which you can print out)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Florist wire

Now, let’s dive into the creative process:

Trim your flowers (leave at least 2cm of stem for inserting into the oasis).

Start in the centre and add your flowers and leaves, creating a beautiful flower bed.

There’s no need for complicated techniques here – simply push the flowers and leaves into the oasis to create your arrangement.

Now the fun begins! Cut out your Halloween decorations and attach them to the florist wire using tape. That’s how you turn your wreath into a ‘eerie’-sistable Halloween-themed centerpiece.

Insert the Halloween decorations into the oasis at random. If you plan to use this as a door-hanging wreath, make sure the decorations lie flat. You can bend the florist wire to achieve this effect. For table decor, you can vary the heights and depths of the decorations to create a 3D effect. If you like, you can place a scented candle in the centre to cast eerie shadows at night.

But wait, there’s more! At NetFlorist, we have a wide array of fantastic Halloween gifts to enhance your DIY Halloween decorations and elevate your celebrations.

Halloween Themed rosesHalloween Wreathroses in a box

Here’s more to add:

Firstly, imagine this: an impressive arrangement of orange roses elegantly presented in a black box, adding sophistication to your spooky decor. Or perhaps a stunning Protea and anthurium arrangement that exudes an exotic and mysterious vibe. Secondly, if you’re craving some delicious treats, our Halloween snack hampers are just that. They are packed with dried fruit and nuts, chocolates, and biltong, providing a delightful selection for you and your guests.

Halloween SocksSuperhero Cape For Halloween

And if you’re in the mood for some sweet indulgence, don’t miss our delicious Halloween-themed baked treats. These will have everyone saying ‘fangs’ a lot for your efforts. Lastly, set the perfect and ‘eerie’-sistable ambience with scented candles that will cast a compelling glow. These spooky gift ideas from NetFlorist will take your festivities to the next level, making your DIY decorations truly ‘spook’-tacular.

And there you have it – a fun and easy DIY Halloween decoration project to transform your house into a haunted mansion!

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