50th Anniversary Party Ideas

golden anniversary glitter

When it comes to your parent’s 50th anniversary, there are endless ideas for parties or a small gathering to celebrate the “Golden Mile” of their relationship together! Spending half a century with someone deserves a momentous occasion and NetFlorist agrees! Here are some of our favourite ways of commemorating the special day:

  1. Table decorations

A 50th Anniversary is known as the “Golden Anniversary” or the “Golden Mile,” using simple and eye-catching decorations. Using gold bunting is a simple way of brightening up the room as well as golden glitter on the tables, golden helium balloons floating above the guests or golden candles that melt beautifully throughout the event. A great way of displaying a beautiful bouquet of flowers is first of all choosing the perfect bunch from NetFlorist’s convenient website, the Red & Cerise Rose Bouquet would look beautifully tasteful on the tables as well as the Proteas and Pink and Red Roses in Crystal Vase in a convenient vase! To further decorate your table, the Carrol Boyes Serviette Holder – Breaststroke, place soft napkins with a patterns or plane gold in this tasteful and elegantly designed holder.

50th annivesary balloons

  1. Set the mood

Shakespeare got it right when he said, “If music be the food of love, play on,” music can be a crucial part of setting the mood. Find out what your parents favourite songs are and compile a playlist that starts off calm and and builds up to funky classics to get everyone on the dancefloor! Aretha Franklin’s “Aint no mountain high enough” will surely get your parents to bust a move! NetGift’s offers a Retro Smart Speaker to get the party started!

speaker and notes

  1. Cheers to the happy couple!

Champagne and flowers sorted in one go? The White Roses, Pongracz and Ice Bucket has both the things you need to make your table pretty and a glass of champers for your guests to toast to the lucky couple. Order online from NetFlorist to ensure convenient and fast delivery straight to the party!

50th anniversary cheers

  1. End it on a sweet note

To end the occasion on a sweet note, NetFlorist’s bakery has many treats to choose from! The Rose and Vanilla Macaroon Cake, everybody loves a vanilla sponge so this cake perfect and what makes it even better is the macaroons delicately placed on top! For a miniature version, NetFlorst’s bakery also has Le Petite Macaroon Cupcakes with different macaroon flavours to cater to everyone’s taste! White Stripy Strawberries are also a modern and chic desert option presently beautifully in a black keepsake box. Personalised 50th Anniversary gifts is just a click away to make your parent’s cake a little more unique and special.

cake anniversary

The “Golden Mile” of your parent’s relationship is a great occasion. NetFlorist offers many options to make planning and preparing for the day a little easier. Visit NetFlorist today to check out great 50th anniversary gift ideas

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