DIY Flower Crown

So I’m not sure if you’ve heard but boho-chic is in this summer and because of this, I decided to try my hand at a bit of DIY fashion and made my own flower crown. This is an uber cool fashion statement that will take your summer outfit to the next level. Here’s the how to-

tools for making your floral crown
items for making your flower crown

First up you’re going to need an Alice Band, a bunch of fake flowers with wire stems and pliers to bend and cut the stems.

fake flowers
bright bunch of fake flowers

I bought my little fake flowers from my local home-ware store.

step 1 in the process
Wrapping the flower around the head band

Step 1- start by placing a single flower in the centre of the Alice Band. Twist the stem of the flower around the head band making sure it is secure, then snip off the end of the stem. Make sure to push the end of the stem against the Alice band as close as possible (you don’t want any wires scratching your head).


add more flowers
continue twisting the flowers around the head band

Step 2- Continue placing the flowers on the Alice Band and wrapping and snipping.

Flower crown in progress
May look a bit messy, but wait, have patience!

This is what the flower crown will look like from underneath. It may seem like a bit of a tangled birds nest, but fear not! It will be covered up and look fab on your pretty head! Just keep going and make sure you cover the top of the Alice band and adjust the flowers so that you can’t see the stems of the flowers peeking out.

completed flower crown
Finished flower crown

This is how my fab flower crown turned out! Bright, beautiful and best of all, it makes an amazing accessory to jazz up any summer dress or out fit!

My flower crown
Me rocking my flower crown

All in all, there are only two steps in making this awesome accessory and it took me only about 20 minutes to make my flower crown. I’ve been rocking this bad boy a lot lately and I get complimented on it every time!

So what’s there to wait for, get going and make your own boho-chic flower crown and celebrate summer with this fantastic floral accessory, easily done and inexpensive.

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