Cool Indoor Plants To Add To Their Collection

Looking to gift a touch of green without turning their home into a jungle gym of chores? Indoor plants are here to save the day! With the right selection of indoor plants, you can help them enjoy lush greenery and fresher air without the constant worry of plant parenting. Take our hand as we stroll into the delightful world of effortless indoor plant gifting and discover the best low maintenance indoor plants that practically thrive on neglect (oops – we meant forgetfulness).

Indoor Plants: The Key To A Greener Home

Indoor plants aren’t just pretty faces; they’re hard-working housemates. They filter out toxins, pump up the humidity, and create a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for winding down after a long day. Whether they’re seasoned plant enthusiasts or just dipping their toes into the green scene, there’s a variety of indoor house plants to suit every level of expertise.

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Best Flowering Indoor Plants For Busy People

For those with schedules busier than a bee in spring, low maintenance indoor plants are game-changers. Here are some of the best picks that’ll thrive with minimal fuss, including stunning flowering plants like orchids, begonias and kalanchoe plants:

1. Orchids

Known for their stunning blooms, orchids are surprisingly low-maintenance. They prefer indirect light and only need watering when the soil is dry. Perfect for busy bees tending to the queen’s hive!

2. Spathiphyllums

These are fantastic low light indoor plants that are incredibly easy to care for. Peace lilies are happy with low light conditions and need watering only when the soil feels dry to the touch.

3. Begonia Plants

Begonias are beloved for their beautiful flowers and easy care. They thrive in bright, indirect light and appreciate regular watering.

4. Kalanchoe Plants

These beauties are known for their vibrant flowers and minimal care needs. The Madagascar widow’s thrill (Yep, we know it’s a mouthful) loves bright, indirect light and need watering only when the soil is dry, and we mean bone dry, as in as dry as something found in a pyramid.

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Succulent Plants: A Stylish Solution

For fans of trendy and stylish décor, indoor succulent plants are a top-notch choice. These low maintenance houseplants come in various shapes and sizes, adding a unique flair to any room. Some popular choices include:

1. African Violet Plants

Charming and cheerful, African Violets bloom profusely with little effort. They thrive in moderate light and only need watering when the soil feels dry.

2. Bonsai

These miniature trees are a unique addition to any home. These majestic dynamite carriers are sometimes hailed as Mr Miyagi’s favourite plant and possibly the driving force behind his extraordinary teaching. The bonsai requires the occasional waxing on and off, but they’re relatively low maintenance. A great gift for indoor gardening enthusiasts!

Kalanchoe crate for indoor plant gifting Bonsai tree in cylinder vase Kalanchoe as one of the best indoor plants for gifting

3. A Hardy Beautiful Rose Succulent

The rock rose succulent, also known as echeveria or aeonium, is the perfect pick if you want a touch of the desert without the drama! This hardy plant is famous for its rosette-shaped leaves, flaunting colours that range from deep green to soft pinks – it’s like a little floral firework in a pot! Thriving in bright, indirect light, it’s as easy-going as they come. With minimal watering needs, it’s the ultimate companion for those who tend to forget their green friends. They could put this beauty on their windowsill, desk, or any cosy nook, and watch it bloom into a conversation starter. Who knew a plant could be both resilient and ravishing? It’s like having a mini botanical garden with zero effort – truly a rock star among indoor plants!

4. The Bold And Beautiful Monstera

Peep this: the Monstera pulls a moonwalk as it enters to make a statement, the green giant with a personality as big as its leaves! Often called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” because of its funky, holey foliage, the Monstera is here to turn their home into a tropical paradise. This leafy wonder thrives in bright, indirect light but can also handle shadier spots – talk about flexibility!

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Low Maintenance Plants For The Win

Bringing plants into their home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right selection of low maintenance plants, you can gift them the joy and benefits of greenery without the extra effort. From resilient indoor succulent plants to low light plants, there’s an option for every lifestyle.

And here’s a little secret – gifting indoor plants is a bit like giving a piece of your green thumb. It’s a gentle nudge to remind them of what a thoughtful and formidable gift-giver you are. Plus, it sets the bar high for future gifts – after all, the psychology of gifting often reflects our own tastes paired with what we know our loved ones will adore.

Whether they’re hustling in the city or chilling in the countryside, these indoor plants are sure to thrive and bring a slice of nature indoors. Just incase you’re worried about the plants harming your pets or the little ones, take a look at our guide to find plants that eliminate the stress of causing harm. So go ahead, spread the green joy and happy gifting!

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