6 Non-toxic Indoor Plants For Pets And Kids

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Plants – it’s almost impossible to live without them, but they’re an absolute joy to live with! It’s even better if they’re non-toxic indoor plants. Whether you have a few in your garden or a couple strategically placed around your office or home, plants have a natural way of breathing life and colour into dull spaces. It only makes sense why one would want to gift this mood-boosting and space-transforming treasure to friends, colleagues and loved ones. Besides, plants are the easiest gift to send, after chocolate gifts of course! Sadly, it’s not just the giftee that you need to think about when choosing a plant gift, it’s their kiddos, doggos and curious cats that you need to consider. But fear not, we’ve rounded up the top 6 non-toxic plants that are pet and kid-friendly and still look super snazzy!

1. Peculiar Ponytail Palm Plant 

If your loved one’s home just screams holiday home by the beach, then the Ponytail Palm plants will definitely add to the aesthetics. Plus, this tropical look-alike treasure tops the list for pet and child-safe plants. With its thick, bulbous trunk and streaky leaves that sprout out from the top, the Ponytail plant definitely brings character to any room it’s perched in. For that boho-chic feel, be sure to buy a wicker basket or an earthy-toned pot to place the plant in. They won’t be able to contain their excitement.

2. Amazing Areca Palm Plant

A versatile type of plant that comes highly recommended is the Areca Palm plant. Its beautiful bamboo-cane-looking stems and flared, finger-like leaves are a solid choice for adding charm to office spaces and lounging areas at home. Whether they place the palm plant by the entrance area, or next to their TV stand, this gorgeous green plant will be a joy to look at. Although its dangling branches may trigger your fur baby’s playful nature, this houseplant is safe for cats and dogs– just not safe for your heart as the plant might look a bit bruised and tattered afterwards.

Areca Palm African Violets - non-toxic indoor plant Ponytail Palm Plant

3. Opulent & Oh-so Gorgeous Orchids 

Wouldn’t it be awkward if orchid plants were health hazards to our little bambinos and furry friends? Orchids are the most-loved and go-to plant for everyone and are the star attraction in most households. How could you not gasp at its intriguing two-toned petals or its stem that hover ever so elegantly? Luckily, orchids are non-toxic indoor plants, and their leaves aren’t poisonous should your baby or pet mistake them for food. So you can confidently surprise your expecting colleague or pet-loving friend with an elegant orchid or two! And if they want to keep their orchids looking beautiful for longer, these plant care tips should do the trick.

4. Su-‘cute’-llent Echeverias

A fail-safe gift for men or anyone who has a lazy bone is most definitely a succulent plant. They’re low-maintenance, easy to care for and can jazz up any office desk or coffee table. And if they have a feline friend, or two, it’s comforting to know that most succulents, like the Echeveria, are non-toxic indoor plants and totally safe for kids too. Although we find the Echeveria’s rosette shape quite gorgeous, cats and dogs are more interested in clawing away at flamboyant plants. However, steer clear of any aloe vera and snake plants, those are no-go zones.

succulent plant Orchid rangeRock Rose Pot Plant


5. Spectacular Spider & Sword Fern Plants

As much as we adore our doggos and cats, we know they can be pretty curious and mischievous. That’s why we need to choose non-toxic houseplants that won’t put them in harm’s way. The Spider Plant and the Boston Fern are excellent choices for adding some greenery indoors and keeping their pets safe from harm, even if they decide to nibble on the leaves! But if they want to keep their plant babies looking prim and proper, they can elevate the Spider Plant on floating shelves or hanging pits for an elegant cascading display.

6. Vivacious African Violet 

If you’re looking to add a bit of local flavour into their homes, the African Violet is your go-to! Its thick, fuzzy leaves and bright, bold flower petals are a delight to look at. Not only is the African Violet a popular houseplant, but it’s totally child and pet-proof! As with any potted plant, if you use excessive amounts of pesticides to chase away bugs, and concentrated fertilisers, then it will become a poisonous plant. So be sure to be light-handed when using these chemicals to keep your indoor plant safe for human and pet babies.

Non-toxic indoor plant - rock rose Palm Plant For indoors Orchid is a non-toxic indoor plant

Send Green Hugs, Not Toxic Tugs

While the plants listed here are non-toxic and won’t cause any fatality, it’s always best to stop pets and babies from nibbling away on their petals. Any leaf or petal that gets digested can cause some tummy troubles and discomfort. A floral gift that’s a big no-no is lilies. The pollen from lilies is highly harmful to pets and babies. If you want to be super sure of other plants that could possibly harm your or your friend’s fur baby, be sure to check out this extensive list of non-toxic plants for cats and dogs.

And there you have it! You’re all clued up on which plants aren’t toxic troublemakers and can live in harmony – paws, tiny hands, and all! Plus, flowering plants and succulents are the best eco-conscious gift to send to loved ones who love living a sustainable lifestyle! Now all that’s left for you to do is shop our extensive range of plant gifts online and surprise your colleague or special someone!

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