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Merry XMas
Merry Christmas From NetFlorist

Year after year the same thing happens, the 31st of October rolls round and then -BAM! It’s Christmas decorations coming out of the wazoo. Christmas is a time of year for yuletide cheer, failing snow, scarves, beanies, Christmas trees and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But, only if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. Down here in the dirty South (South being South Africa) we celebrate Christmas a little differently, we do Christmas with braais, sun tanning and swimming, African thunderstorms and Castle larger beer cracked by the beach. And although Christmas in South Africa is celebrated somewhat differently from our Northern hemisphere cousins there are something’s we still do the same- Christmas gifts being one of them.

Now there has been a lot of talk going around this year about the acceptability of regifting presents. If you don’t already know regifting is the art of passing on your old prezzies to someone else. Now this might might seem like a grand idea, getting rid of those presents that you didn’t like or are just sitting around your house in their packaging taking up space, but I’m going out on a limb and say that regifting isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. There is the danger of regifting a present to the person who gave it to you in the first place. You could forget to take of the card that was originally addressed to you, making it totes obvi that you’re regifting said present. Oh the horror! Also there is a slight chance that you’ll come off as a bit cheap if the recipient finds out…

Xmas flowers
Christmas collage

At NetFlorist’s online gift shop, NetGifts, they love helping you send Christmas gifts to your family and friends, in fact someone has been spreading the rumour that NetGifts is the new Santa. NetGifts has awesome Christmas gift ideas for you! They have Christmas toys for kids, homeware gifts for mom, whiskey gifts for dad, jewellery gifts for wives and all kinds of Christmas gifts for guys! All you have to do to find the best Xmas gift ideas is log on to our South Africa’s largest online gift site and take a gander at their Christmas gifts for sale online.

Christmas goodies
Xmas Gifts

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your mom then why not send her a gorgeous bath and body hamper or a stunning arrangement of Christmas flowers? For your hubby why not get him an amazing man crate filled with all his favourite goodies! What I’m getting at here with all these helpful hints and gift ideas is that NetFlorist’s online gift shop has awesome Christmas gifts to order online so that you don’t have to be all stingy and regift your goods! And with their  nationwide, next day gift delivery they’ll be your personal Santa this year and deliver your brand new Christmas gifts to your loved ones and friends to whichever chimney  they need to be dropped down.

So here’s to wishing you a very merry Christmas indeed!

Lovies Lilian x




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