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In case you missed it, we are officially knee deep in love, hearts, chocolates and squishy swim-suite area feelings and in just under a week all your months of planning, scheming and surreptitious shopping trips and sneaky glances at her Pinterest account to see what they really want for Valentine’s Day.

Personalised wine label and chocoaltes
Send the perfect gift from NetFlorist this Valentine’s Day

We know that women put a lot of pressure on you guys to make valentine’s day super spectacular and magical, women expect the world, neatly tied up in a red ribbon with a  special side order of a dozen red roses. If you can’t manage that, well then you will rue the day you were born.

Order flowers for the 13th of Feb & Get a Free box of Chocs
Order beautiful red Roses online for Valentine’s Day

If you are a mere mortal who is not used to performing Herculean tasks you might have to settle for second best and that is wining and dining her at her favourite restaurant and showering her with gifts, running her bath and treating her like the queen of your world, which effectively she is. But lucky for you, second best is NetGifts and we’re in a league of our own, we have the  best Valentine’s gift ideas that will melt her heart, drop her knickers and make her yours all year round and not just on February the 14th.

NetFlorist Valentines Day Origami Heart Bookmark win R 1000 in NetFlorist Vouchers
When you send someone some love this Valentines from NetFlorist you can stand the chance of winning R 1000 in vouchers #foldinglove

One of our best sellers for the romantic day of the year (yes, it is even more romanticle than your wedding night or the night you proposed) is the Charlotte Rhys bath and body sets that come with a variety of goodies like candles (to set the mood) or chocolates (to enjoy together while you share a bath) and if you really want to make this valentine’s a night to remember you can always add a little something extra to your order and send along a bottle of sparkling wine. Charlotte Rhys is the finest brand you can buy when sending a romantic gift of soap, any other brand like Sunlight or Pears would just be insulting, but buying a piece from one of Charlotte Rhys’s collection is very similar to buying her a beautiful fragrance or a diamond plug chain, why would you want a diamond plug chain is beyond us but ours is not to question why.

Send your better half perfume from NetPerfume
Buy & Send perfume from NetPerfume for Valentine’s Day

When your  order a Charlotte Rhys bath and body hamper from NetGifts you are sending more than soap, you are essentially sending an experience, a luxuriously delicious soak in a steaming tub, supping on Lindt balls of meltingly amazing chocolate and slipping in to a soft, snuggly personalised dressing gown. So even if the restaurant lost your booking or the fancy food gave her food poisoning you Valentine’s Day won’t go up in a ball of smoke or hurriedly flushed down the lav, even though you heart’s desire might not have any desire for you at that particular junction in time we guarantee that she will not forget it and you might have a small very merry non-valentine’s celebration…

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