5 Ways To Appreciate Your Friends On International Friendship Day

Friendship alert! Get ready to celebrate the most significant bond of all time – friendship. Yep, it’s time to put on your comradeship hats and turn up the fun because International Friendship Day 2023 is here!  Whether they’re your partner in crime, the shoulder you lean on, or the laughter you can’t resist, you can shower them with the perfect gift. Mark your calendars for 30 July 2023 – the day when extraordinary friendships rule. Let the magic of camaraderie shine and shower your pals with gifts that match your unique bond. Trust me, they’ll love it! And hey, here are 5 heartfelt ways to show your appreciation. Get creative, get goofy, and make your friends feel super special.

Boozy Buddies

Raise a toast to the good times and the drinks that kick them up a notch! Surprise your pals with an alcohol gift that’ll make Friendship Day unforgettable. Picture this: joy bubbling over as you pop open a personalised bottle of wine, and happiness flowing as you pour it into their waiting glass. With a sharing-size bottle like this, you’ve got the perfect excuse to gather ’round, share belly laughs, and make memories with your best buddies. Let’s face it, there’s something downright epic about hitting the town with your crew, clinking glasses in unison, and letting the spirits flow. So no more waiting! Celebrate, bond, and treat them with something from The NetFlorist Bar! Go on and grab your dancing shoes, pick a poison, and paint the town red! Whether they fancy a classic cocktail, fine whiskey, or frosty beer – we’ve got it!

Personalised Signature Wine GiftboxPersonalised Spirits Alcohol GiftRed Box of Nederburg Wine

Foodie Friendships 

Where taste buds tango and flavours flirt, exists a sacred bond between foodie friends. And whether it’s in their cosy home kitchen, a bustling restaurant or a vibrant food market, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat them to a mouth-watering selection of delectable gourmet gifts. And we get it, you still dough-‘not’ know what to get your work bestie for Friendship Day! Fret not! There’s no need to frazzle yourself just yet! A personalised box of doughnuts is just the answer. These perfectly glazed treats will make those sweet work memories unforgettable. But wait, there’s more! This special occasion serves as a solid reason to indulge in the sweetness of friendship with an additional chocolate gift. You can’t go wrong with a burst of chocolaty goodness to show your appreciation and celebrate the unique bond you share.

Proudly South African Snack Hamper Gift Personalised Doughnut Gift Box Personalised Name Nougat Gift Box

Flowery Friends

Ready for a flowery adventure? Cherish your blooming bonds with a sweet-smelling bouquet of flowers or a plant that symbolises your friendship’s growth. Can you believe Friendship Day is just around the corner? So how about spoiling your pals with an oh-so-elegant flower arrangement in a personalised mug? Or go sassy with a personalised succulent that speaks volumes about your friendship! These are not your average gifts; they’re tailored to perfection with that personal touch, making your friends feel extra special and appreciated. Express “I appreciate you”  with roses and lilies, or go for a thoughtful flower hamper. Let those unspoken emotions bloom the ‘petal way’!

Flowers in a mug giftFlowery Plant GiftGorgeous White Rose Bouquet And Gift Set

Besties In Baked Goodies

Want to treat your bestie to something truly special? Order a delectable cake online from The Bakery at NetFlorist, and let them know how much you appreciate their constant support in helping you ‘slice’ through life! And that’s not all, indulge them with our irresistible range of decadent treats, from freshly baked cupcakes that melt in your mouth to delightful cookie tins and scrumptious biscuits, we’ve got it all! Why wait any longer? Surprise your bosom buddy with a gift that reminds them of the simple joys found in the aroma of freshly baked goodies. Delight in their enjoyment as they savour every delectable bite. Celebrating the sweetness of your friendship with these tasty treats is sure to make their sweet tooth sing!

Chocolate Party Cake GiftPersonalised Rainbow Confetti Iced Cookies Personalised Assorted Confetti Cupcakes

Pals In Pampering

Unleash a tidal wave of appreciation that’ll leave them soaked in gratitude! How, you ask? Oh, just pick from our awesome selection of pampering giftsA personalised bath hamper? Tick! Scented candles? Check! Stylish cosmetic bags? You got it! But wait, the pampering doesn’t end there! Why stop when you can make them feel ‘scent’-sational with a fabulous bottle of perfume or cologne? They’ll be floating on cloud nine! So, don’t hold up, Spoil the BFF with the utmost luxury, and they can enjoy it all from the cosy comfort of their home.

Personalised Photo Candle Gift Gown and Slipper Gift Hamper Personalised Cosmetic Bag

Ah, gifts – big or small, speak volumes of our heartfelt appreciation! And what better occasion than Friendship Day to revel in the beauty of cherished connections with our buddies? It’s that special day that nudges us to shout out our “Thank you!” and show how much we truly appreciate them. With each meaningful gesture and surprise gift delivery, you’ll weave memories that will stand the test of time.

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