We’ll be at the Johannesburg International Flower Show!

Get lost in a world of wondrous beauty at the Grand Pavilion of Flowers from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November 2019! NetFlorist will be at the Johannesburg International Flower Show and a world of floral fantasy awaits those with an unrequited love of flowers, plants and landscaping. The extravagant floral delights that will on display feature an extraordinary array of intricately designed flower walls, glorious chandeliers, and fantasy gardens.

You can give you and your loved one escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In addition, give them the opportunity to appreciate all the things which the event has to offer. Explore all the secrets hidden by nature by visiting the NetFlorist flower delivery van of wonders. At NetFlorist, we’re definitely sticking to what we know best. From both a flower and a delivery point of view, NetFlorist remains the country’s leading flower and gift delivery service.


What is the Johannesburg International Flower Show?

Celebrating design and agriculture with the country’s biggest innovators, artists, and florists, the Johannesburg International Flower Show is the first horticultural event in Africa. Nature is open for play in the heart of Johannesburg, and the Johannesburg International Flower Show celebrates this incredible wonder of the world in the best way possible! It is the perfect platform to showcase innovative exhibitions. From the Showcase Gardens, the Artisan Gardens as well as the themed Food & Drink Gardens, there is plenty to see and a world of radiance for you and a loved one to experience.

All incredible attractions from the Johannesburg International Flower Show are designed by South Africa’s leading landscape artists. Speaking of design, you will be remiss not to see all the incredible up-and-coming talent that the country has to offer. Are you or a loved one avid gardeners or florists? Maybe you just love being in the presence of flowers in bloom? Don’t shy away from getting involved with the retail experiences that will fill the entire place.

It’s never been so easy to get lost in the midst of extravagant floral displays, intricately designed flower walls, and elaborately designed fantasy gardens, among everything else. While art is the main appeal, you can also attend talks, demonstrations and exhibitions, which means you get to learn more! Featuring botanical art from the Botanical Artists Association of Southern Africa, you’re in for a treat if you’re hungry for an eye-pleasing atmosphere. This year, designers and exhibitors will be able to enter competitions and compete for the prestigious “Best on Show” award. Prepare to be amazed by the Grand Pavilion of Flowers in the heart of Johannesburg!


Why are we involved?

There is no better start to a person’s day than a bouquet of flowers delivered straight to your doorstep, and the flower fairies at NetFlorist are the leading experts in this magic of new beginnings. Rest assured, there are as many meanings behind your favourite flower as there are flowers to choose from at NetFlorist! The exquisite beauty of red roses convey true love and have been known throughout history as both a political and religious symbol. In addition, proteas are a symbol of our country’s pride, and are reminiscent of regal beauty and unsurpassed perfection. Our knowledge and expertise of flowers have become the building blocks of our success in the flower and gifting industry.

We might be biased, but nothing is more breathtaking than the sight of a marvellous mosaic of flowers. As South Africa’s largest sameday delivery service, our radiant variety of flowers are all carefully selected for their unrestrained beauty and scented freshness. Our exhibition at the grand pavilion will capture a complementary mix of flower types and colours, and create a world that you and your loved one will get lost in at first sight. Beautifully reminiscent of a summer gentle breeze, the NetFlorist flower extravaganza promises a warm welcome to the new season at the Johannesburg International Flower Show.

Flowers proudly convey that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world, so if you’re looking for the perfect way to unplug and be one with nature, there’s no better way to do that than to appreciate the wonders that of nature in bloom. At NetFlorist, we believe that flowers don’t tell, they show; the Johannesburg International Flower Show will be a beautiful assortment of our favourite floral varieties to show the world that we’re truly South Africa’s one-stop flower delivery service.


Final Thoughts

If you are couture florist, a floral designer, a dedicated florist or an avid gardener, there is plenty to appreciate at the Johannesburg International Flower Show. If you’re an outsider, curious of the many wonders that this event has to offer, then be part of the Grand Pavilion of Flowers. South Africa is rich in breathtaking landscapes to get lost in, and the local world-class designers will be able to showcase their work in front of a large audience as well as the international judges. Yes, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it.

To be a part of the show, get your tickets today, courtesy of NetFlorist and the Johannesburg International Flower Show. The NetFlorist Grand Pavilion of Flowers is the escape you’ve been waiting for!



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