Valentine’s Day – Romance On A Budget

Ah… Valentine’s Day. That dreamy day of love when everyone seems to have cupid following them around. It’s an opportunity to spread love and adoration, but when it’s just a few days after #Januworry, it’s safe to assume that spoiling your special someone with Valentine’s Day gifts might be a little *cough*… tricky.

Not to worry, though! NetFlorist has mastered the art of thrilling romance on a budget. Whether you’re thinking of date night ideas or Valentine’s Day gifts to be delivered to bae’s workplace, there’s always a way to sweep them off their feet without breaking the bank.


Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Something Sweet

Nothing says, “I love you” as sweetly as chocolate for Valentine’s Day. But if you want to put a spin on the classic sugary surprise, spoil her with a personalised candy jar. A sweet gift can be the cherry on top of a special Valentine’s Day date or an over-the-top display of affection when it comes in the form of a chocolate hatbox. My favourite thing about the Personalised Love Candy Jar and the Fairy Tale Life Hatbox? They’re basically a steal!


Something Pampering

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for her, indulgence is the way to go. For all the love she’s given you, and the love you feel for her, send a pamper hamper that’ll remind her of you with each use. With Charlotte Rhys gifts for under R399, there’s no reason not to spoil her! Picture your sweetheart smiling in a bath of bubbles gifted by you – I’m almost certain there’s no dreamier thought *wink*. Pair this Love You to The Moon Soap Basket with a bottle of luxurious Pongracz and you’ve got this romance thing all figured out.


Something Naughty

Valentine’s Day is, of course, also the ultimate day to turn up the heat in your love life. Make her heart flutter and remind her that she’s the object of all your desires with a steamy surprise! After you whisked her away to dinner for two, let her come home to a Chocolate Bondage Gift. Fluffy handcuffs, edible body paint and something a little boozy should set the tone for the rest of your relationship this year.



Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Something Yummy (Besides You)

You know him better than I do, but something tells me he loves a good treat. If your special man is a sucker for foodie goodies, then a gourmet gift will tickle his fancy. Snacks like biltong, nuts, chocolate and beer are beautifully packaged to make these gifts, giving bae something to munch on whenever he thinks of you.

Show him that you’re nuts about him with a Nuts About Chocolate Snack Crate, which includes an assortment of sweet and savoury treats for him. If he’s not much of a nutty guy, and would be more inclined to a combination of the sweet and savoury, then this Gourmet Gift Box is just the way to make a statement.


Something Sentimental

Tug at his heartstrings with a gesture that will stick with him long after Valentine’s Day has passed. Of all our personalised gifts for him, none are quite as heart-warming as those that preserve the sweetest memories you have with him. A picture says a thousand words, so add a special touch to his space with a Personalised Monogram Acrylic Block or a personalised scatter cushion. While a photo frame is never a bad idea, you can always put a spin on the timeless trend of displaying photos, with NetFlorist’s T-shirts, cushions, acrylic blocks, magnets and even blankets!


Something Cheeky

End the romantic day off with a bang (LOL) and treat him to a cheeky gift. This time, it’s all about sharing. So, for a fun-filled evening, pair a bottle of Pongracz with a Giant X-Rated Fortune Cookie, or woo him with two heady bottles of red wine in a red gift box. Take the chance to appreciate him and remind him why you fell in love with him this Valentine’s Day. These sensual gifts are the perfect way to do so.

No matter your budget, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a drag. With NetFlorist’s gift delivery service, and an assortment of dreamy and delightful gifts for him and her, romance is only a few clicks away. After all is said and done, the ruler of romance is effort, and even gifts for R399 can mean the world to them.

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