Tulips are better than one!

Adding bright blooms such as Tulips to our winter days is something us sunny South Africans love to do! In an ideal world, we would want Tulip-season to stay as long as possible. So, we are here to help you make sure these tremendous florals stay blooming for as long as possible.


Choose the Correct Vase

Choosing the right vase is key.  It must cover at least half the height of the tulip stems.  The tulips do love to stretch out and will usually grow upwards, approximately two inches in height during their vase lifetime. Give them space to stretch out in the vase and arrange them so that they don’t clump together. This also helps to reduce petal loss.

Cut the Tulip Stems

Tulips grow after they’re placed in the vase, so we suggest holding the bouquet to the right side of the vase first, and cut the stems to make sure the blooms are the exactly the length you prefer. Cut the Tulips at a 45-degree angle – this creates a ‘straw-like effect’ and allows the stems to soak up the fresh water.

Plenty of  Fresh Water

Cold, fresh water is best. Some garden gurus suggest 3 blocks of ice in the water per 6 flowers. Tulips will drink a lot of water. We suggest changing the water every 2nd day and giving the stems a fresh trim when you change the water.  To keep your blooms blossoming, you can also add flower food. For less conventional solutions, throw a 5c coin at the bottom of the vase, or add lemon juice, or half a teaspoon of regular cane sugar.

Avoid Overexposure To The Sun

Tulips are “photosensitive,” meaning they grow and open based on the sunlight they are exposed to. You should avoid placing the vase in direct sunlight or heat, as they’ll wilt faster once the blooms open up. To achieve maximum floral life, you want to receive tulips at an ‘early’ cut stage or ‘closed’ stage,” like in the bud. Once the Tulips have reached the ‘open’ stage, the life of the flower is sadly quick. Just remember a little bending at the stems is natural for tulips as they “stretch” towards the sunlight, but if the stem looks “floppy,” that’s not a good sign.

Be Careful When Mixing In Different Florals

If you want to include other flowers in your bouquet, one should be mindful that tulips are very sensitive to other flowers. Some other flowers that affect the tulip life cycle are daffodils or narcissus as they emit a substance that will make tulips wilt faster. Tulips are gorgeous enough to be placed in a vase all on their own.

Celia Lopes, NetFlorists go to floral guru says: “Tulips do actually get along very well with Peonies, Roses, Hydrangea and lots of greenery.  So, let your creative juices flow when styling your arrangement or let NetFlorist do it for you. Just no daffodils in the arrangement



Red tulips are the perfect gift for any occasion. They have the power to brighten up anyone’s mood and home. With winter around the corner and people unsure of what will leave a lasting floral scent and memory in the home, Tulips are the perfect purchase.  Send these amazing red tulips planted in moss in a gorgeous, keepsake ceramic pot to a special friend or loved one and be the reason for their smile. Order this beautiful plant with NetFlorist! Colour of the plant may vary.



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