Fatherhood: It’s the little things

Johannesburg, Father’s Day, 2019 – This year, Father’s Day falls on June 16, a significant day for many South Africans. With the day symbolising leadership, strength and bravery, it’s no coincidence that honouring present fathers will be jointly celebrated with the commemoration of the 1976 youth uprising.

Fatherhood is a lifelong responsibility, and nothing fully equips men for this important role. Society teaches men to uphold an aggressive persona, and life demands that men have a certain level of strength. In a world where men have to be ‘hard’, it is important to supplement their roles with what is ‘soft’, by recognising the loving, engaged and nurturing fathers who make us laugh and show us compassion, yet maintain the ability to switch to ‘disciplinary mode’ when necessary.

We tend to overlook the things that dads do to raise the next generation. This Father’s Day NetFlorist is commemorating all the dads who make the biggest impact, with the smallest actions.

Dads teach their sons what healthy masculinity is. The natural changes a boy experiences, as well as the pressures that life puts on men, cause them to have a more aggressive disposition. Dads play the important role of teaching boys healthy coping mechanisms, and that being loving, compassionate and emotional doesn’t make them less of a man.

A daughter needs guidance from her dad in order to distinguish healthy relationships from those that are not. Children seek validation from their parents and girls tend to be more in tune with their emotions from an early age. Her perception of what constitutes a healthy relationship is largely moulded by what she sees around her. With Mom and Dad at the centre of her life, the relationship that her parents have is the biggest influence on her relationship values.

Fathers can teach their children to be self-sufficient and to strive for success by giving them the tools they need from an early age. Dads that are present in their children’s lives can pick up on things that their children are going through. By simply being present, dads give their children the confidence to stand firm and deal with whatever issues they may face.

Even though most dads don’t expect anything in return, it brings them pride when they are honoured for their efforts, presence and provision. Since the digital age is upon us, picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift to surprise him with has never been easier. NetFlorist has curated a stunning collection of Father’s Day gifts from its extensive range, so that all the awesome dads get the appreciation that they deserve on Father’s Day.

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