It’s finally here: National Cake Day 2020! And instead of bombarding your feed with historically questionable quotes regarding cake, and letting people eat it, we thought we’d put together a guide to some of the most delicious cakes and bakes from The Bakery at NetFlorist! Why? Because life is what you ‘bake’ of it!

What is National Cake Day?

If you’ve been wondering, “Is there a National Cake Day? And when is it?” The answer is: YES! National Cake Day in South Africa falls on the 26th of November every year, and is a great way to celebrate the joy cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes bring! Whether it’s a slice of your mother’s famous chocolate birthday cake, a square of gender-themed baby shower cake, or a piece of red velvet wedding cake at the ceremony of your closest friends, cake plays an integral part of celebrating life. Which is why we think you should celebrate life this National Cake Day with gift ideas and baked goodies to surprise and amaze!

No one is quite sure what the origin of National Cake Day is. But the NetFlorist Bunch is grateful someone decided to celebrate these delectable delights! (Plus, you don’t have to be a stickler and only eat cake! We won’t tell on you if you enjoy some cookies and biscuits, or a brownie or two.) This is a great occasion to draw inspiration from for future presents like birthday gift ideas, or for what you’re going to eat instead of tonight’s supper!

And there are so many ways to make their cake dreams ‘crumb’ true on this special day. If you are feeling adventurous, why not spend the day baking a friend’s favourite cake as a thoughtful gift? You could invite some of your nearest and dearest over for a cake decorating contest? Or even better, you could surprise your loved ones, colleagues, or network with a decadent and gourmet cake straight from yours truly, right to their door! Ordering from us is as easy as ‘baking’ candy from a baby. Just, please don’t take candy from babies. That’s not nice.

Personalised Cakes & Celebratory Cakes:

Take a ‘whisk’ this National Cake Day by surprising someone special with one of our delicious, scrumptious, moreish and… well… INCREDIBLE personalised cakes. There’s no need to Google “Where’s the nearest bakery near me?” when you can have their cake delivered right to their door. It doesn’t matter if they’re celebrating their birthday, a promotion, or any other special occasion! Our personalised cakes are sure to amaze and impress. Order now for a birthday cake or anniversary gift idea they are going to savour with every mouthful!

Château Gâteaux Cakes:

Skip the overseas trip to France! Château Gâteaux is delivering French-patisserie quality cakes right to your door, nationwide. With the help of NetFlorist, of course. Browse through our Château Gâteaux menu to find the ideal Château Gâteaux cakes to suit your needs! Win them over with classic flavours like Southern red velvet cake, chocolate cake, Swiss carrot cake, or baked cheesecake! These flavours are perfect for everyday occasions, or as gifts to send those who enjoy these refined classics.

Take things to the next level with some of their finest, like a Mozart cake, cookies and cream cake, rococo chocolate, chocolate nostalgia cake! Each of these culinary masterpieces offers its own unique flavour! Savour the rich layers of delicate layers of Japonaise (soft meringue with seasonal tree nuts) and hazelnut praline cream topped with fine chocolate shavings in the Mozart cake. Or enjoy the combination of silky smooth, homestyle moist chocolate cake layered with a creamy rich chocolate mousse in the chocolate nostalgia cake.


When a full cake just won’t do, send a collection of little cakes in the form of cupcakes! Cupcakes make an ideal gift for the little one in your life, as it is an easy to control portion! They also make an awesome birthday gift. Just grab a cupcake on your way out the house to enjoy later. Send your colleagues or clients an array of cupcakes in a jar as the perfect corporate gift idea. Cupcakes are versatile, and suit every occasion! What’s more, you’ll enjoy these cupcakes so much you’ll wish your cupcake was a little bit bigger.

Cake Pops:

Cake pops! These fun and flavour-filled morsels are a great alternative to cupcakes, and slices of cake. Easy to eat, easy to clean and hygienic, cake pops are a real treat to serve and to eat! Whether they are looking to be ‘battered’ up with delicious chocolate truffles, or they just ‘knead’ something sweet to brighten their day – our cake pops are always a winner! Just don’t finish them before the recipient has had a chance to try one!

The last slice:

Finding the ideal National Cake Day gift idea is a piece of cake… Literally! With so many fantastic and delicious items to choose from, you can ensure your special someone will think you’re the sweetest. These cakes are scary good, and there’s no way you can ‘macaron’ choice when you choose something from this gift guide! Just don’t be choco-‘late’ to the party… Order now!

*Please note only Château Gâteaux products are available nationwide. All other baked goods are restricted to purchase within specified areas of Gauteng. All NetFlorist baked goods are Halaal. Baked goods are not suitable for people with wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, egg, dairy, and nut allergies. For any queries, contact our friendly staff at, or call us on 087 135 0005/0861 300 600.

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