Make Way for Macaroons at NetFlorist

Make Way for Macaroons at NetFlorist


Make Way for Macaroons at NetFlorist

Move on over cakes and cupcakes, macaroons are in town! Introducing the newest addition to the Bakery at NetFlorist – Macaroons! NetFlorist is mad about macaroons and with their new range of delicious French macaroons is it clear why! The perfect day is made up of Caffe Au Latte and macaroons and with the Bakery at NetFlorist, every day could be the perfect day! The range consists of everything dreams are made of.


Each macaroon is made with the perfectly crunchy almond shell and filled with a delicious flavoured chocolate ganache. One mouth-watering bite of these tasty treats and the lucky recipient is transported to the very best French patisseries, in the comfort of their own home.


Not only are the macaroons beautiful to look at, but they come in a variety of delicious flavours with the perfect texture – a crunchy shell filled with a flavourful, soft ganache. The range of delicious macaroon flavours available at NetFlorist include bright yellow, zesty lemon macaroons, lovely pink strawberry macaroons, rich and creamy chocolate macaroons, yummy bright green pistachio macaroons and fun and tropical coconut macaroons, ensuring that there is a flavour combination for everyone. From a boxed filled with sweet macaroons, to cupcakes topped with macaroons, to cakes with a macaroon border, you will find a macaroon spoil for everyone at NetFlorist!


These sweet French delicacies are locally made, making these French sweets a proudly South African treat! And because the perfect day consists of macaroons, you can turn any celebration into the perfect celebration by spoiling someone with a delicious French macaroon gift from The Bakery at NetFlorist! The utmost care is taken when these delicate treats are delivered. All of the macaroons come packed in the luxury black Bakery at NetFlorist keepsake gift boxes, and are stored in cooled containers whilst out for delivery to ensure that the lucky recipient receives a gift that does not only look beautiful but that taste great too! But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself! Visit the Bakery at NetFlorist ( and shop the range of macaroons online today!

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