How to Grow Roses in Potatoes

Woah, hold our horses! Did we just title this post “How To Grow Roses in Potatoes”? Hell yeah, we did! Why? Because it’s totes cool and it totes works! Did you even know you can grow roses in potatoes? Yup, you know that arrangement of lovely red roses your husband spoiled you with on your anniversary, but died two weeks after and you have attached sentimental value to it and now you can’t throw it away? Grow your own roses. In a potato!

How to Grow Roses in Potatoes

So, how do you grow roses in potatoes?

(1) Dig a trench with one vertical side in a space in your garden that gets enough shade during the day It should be around 15cm deep. Place an inch of sand in the bottom.

(2) Choose a stem (about as thick as a pencil) from the roses you wish to propagate. The stem should be straight (no kinks), ripe, and from this year’s growth.

(3) The cutting should be about 23cm long and cut just below a bud at the base. Then remove the leaves and thorns from the bottom half.

Grow Roses in Potatoes
Grow Roses in Potatoes

(4) Insert each cutting so that it is two-thirds buried, making sure that its base is well into the sharp sand. Firm the sand around the base, to exclude as much air as possible. Cuttings should be set about 15cm apart.

There you have it, easy as pie! Will you be growing your roses in potatoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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