There’s no occasion more important during this time than Heritage Day 2019! You don’t have to look far to see that South Africa is a country abundantly rich in culture. It is incredibly important to use opportunities and public holidays, such as Heritage Day, to shine a light and ensure the nation’s hopes remain ever aglow.  But, enough of that, I promised you that all my posts will bring joy to your day, not a frown to your face. So, let’s get into the ‘meat and boerewors’ of what you can do to celebrate Braai Day – I mean, Heritage Day!

Also known as Braai Day, the purpose of Heritage Day has always been to bring South Africans together through a celebration of our rich heritage. The occasion celebrates the idea of togetherness, or more appropriately, the spirit of Ubuntu. Celebrating diversity doesn’t mean that you have to see one culture, language or belief as superior to another; it means uniting under the same umbrella of that which makes each of us unique and fostering an understanding and ultimately, acceptance of these cultural differences. There is so much beauty to be found in the heritage of another person.

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation.” – Nelson Mandela

How can you celebrate Heritage Day 2019?

Have a Braai

Through braaiing, it’s never been easier to cultivate understanding between races, languages, cultures and even among family members with different cultural beliefs and social values. If you’re looking for a proudly South African Heritage Day celebration, nothing beats a ‘grill’ with the ones who mean the most to you! NetFlorist also has a remarkable variety of braaiware, such as a Personalised Braai Tong Bag.

Have a Picnic

Delight them with the ultimate outdoor experience! Explore our amazing range of picnic baskets. Fill your picnic basket with scrumptious Heritage Day food. A wonderful addition to any picnic meal is undoubtedly,  pap and chakalaka. This dish is a South African delicacy by many peoples’ standards. Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish with a spicy finish and is usually enjoyed during family festivities.

“I am African, not because I was born in Africa… but because Africa was born in me!” – Kwame

3 Interesting Facts about Heritage Day

  • In KwaZulu-Natal, the 24th of September was known as Shaka Day, to commemorate the life of King Shaka Zulu, the founding father of the Zulu nation.
  • Heritage Day was only recognised as a public holiday in 1995. Today, it celebrates the diverse cultural heritage that makes up our Rainbow Nation.
  • In 2007, after a pointed media campaign by Jan Braai, the day was nicknamed “Braai Day.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu was made the national spokesperson for Braai Day.

“Bringing people together is what I call ‘Ubuntu,’ which means ‘I am because we are.’” – Desmond Tutu

Buy Heritage Day gifts

Ah, gifts… No occasion is truly celebrated without them. NetFlorist has an extensive range of Heritage Day gifts that are reminiscent of our rich diversity. From extraordinary flowers that will convey the many ways that our Rainbow Nation has blossomed over the years, to amazing bakery gifts from the Bakery, there’s nothing more personal and from the heart than a terrific gift for Heritage Day.

Want Heritage Day gift ideas? One of our absolute favourites is the Heritage Day KitKat Promo box. Featuring a limited-edition variety of chocolate wafers, this gift represents the varied diversity of our African heritage. Exclusive only to NetFlorist, this is a proudly South African box of KitKat which contains 14 4-finger KitKat wafers that each represent the rich cultural heritage and 11 official languages of the South African people.

In addition, we have Heritage Day ideas for the office. To celebrate the strength of our African roots, decorate the office with an African Bonsai Tree in Pottery. Spoil a colleague with our beautifully made and uniquely designed Personalised Vintage Africa Note Set. Lastly, make it a feast that all your colleagues would love in the form of irresistible Stripy Strawberry Combo.

 “I am the product of the masses of my country.” – Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Final Thought

A nation’s heritage lies in hearts and souls of all those who live in it, regardless of race, language or culture. From the incredible range of Heritage Day gifts, to our remarkable variety Heritage Day activities, celebrate the irreplaceable cultural and natural heritage of our Rainbow Nation.

So, what does Heritage Day mean to you? Which part of our rich heritage do you think deserves to be celebrated? Let us know in the comments below and be sure visit NetFlorist and be a part of the drive to help build our African nation!

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