Find The Perfect Gift For Them Based On Their Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! It’s certainly a time for joyous festivities, family and good food. But the one thing that stands out this festive season has to be decorations and lights! Now that the festive feelings are in the air, one needs to start thinking of shopping for Christmas gifts to share with friends and loved ones. And we have a ‘tree’-rrific idea in mind! Why not get them a gift based on their Christmas tree and personality? It’s most certainly a unique approach to gifting.

The Traditional Christmas Trees

It only makes sense to start with the old-school and well-known traditional tree. The one that started with the concept of decorating indoor trees to gel with festive joy. These trees are loved by a person who loves turning a place into a home. They enjoy the little meaningful things in life, like making memories with friends and loved ones. This speaks to why they would opt for this type of tree because they can spend more time with family simply by decorating this tree. Giving them personalised Christmas gifts, Christmas tree ornaments or home décor would work perfectly. If don’t think these gifts are classic enough, you can get them personalised T-shirts or cute Christmas hoodies to make the occasion memorable.

Christmas DecorChristmas T shirtChristmas lights

Table Top Christmas Tree

Table top trees are popular among people who want to add a modern and festive look to their holiday decorations whilst using minimal space. These trees are the definition of convenience as you can place and move them easily. These trees are for people who are looking for a unique way to be part of the festive joys without having the extra work of setting up. The person that would go for these loves convenience and practicality. Hence, they opted for a table top Christmas tree aka the ‘small Christmas tree’. This person is most likely to host their friends often and they love having them over. So, when gifting them, think along the lines of gourmet snacks for when they have friends over. Otherwise getting them fine alcohol gifts will do the trick. You can also think outside the box and get them personalised homeware, like serving dishes and cheese boards. These would be very fitting for the occasion and will last beyond the festive season.

drink on ChristmassnacksHomeware


White Christmas Tree

This type of tree is stunning to look at and has since become increasingly popular in recent years. People from all walks of life are now fascinated by the white Christmas trees. However, we will categorise this tree with the personality of that one friend everyone has – the clean freak friend with a classy style, and always wears something white. That person is most likely to be the personality aligned with this tree because they love classic holiday decorations. People who may particularly enjoy a white Christmas tree include those who prefer a classier approach to their holiday décor. The perfect gifts for them would be classy jewellery and stunning accessories. They would love these gifts because they resonate with their style. Another gift suggestion for this personality type is a good scented perfume/cologne. After receiving one of these, they’ll love you and the occasion forever. Otherwise, white-themed presents, such as white candles, mugs, and ornaments are perfect for this personality type.

Women Scentsjewellerymen scents

DIY Christmas Tree

DIY trees are where the Christmas fun is at. These trees are for those who prefer making their own because they are artsy or just love arts and crafts projects. A creative personality is most likely to look for DIY projects that are out of this world. This personality can envision themselves putting together anything simply by first imagining that they can. For example, they will have a DIY Christmas tree alternative at their house. This says they prefer to add a personal touch to things and like things unique to them. We have the perfect gifts for them that would hard for them to DIY. The first gift option would be to get them an indoor plant, like an orchid or lily plant. This is a great idea because the plant will add a pop of colour to blend with their DIY projects. You can also opt for personalised gifts to add to the idea of the gift being unique to them.  Alternatively, you can remind them to take a break from DIY projects and relax a bit with a picnic basket. It will encourage them to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with all their loved ones.

Personalised canOrchid PlantSnack basket

Now that we’ve helped you to identify your loved ones or friend’s personality, you can get to choose the best gift for them. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into coming up with a gift once you tell them all about it. Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends or family, gifting remains difficult. Luckily at NetFlorist, things have been simplified to ensure you can shop by category and occasion, because the goal is always absolute peace of mind when it comes to gift-giving. Happy shopping!

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