Leave the summer fling behind and make them ‘fall’ in love with autumn. The weather is turning a bit colder, the sun goes down a bit earlier and the leaves are decorating the ground with oranges and yellows. May is the month of autumn in South Africa. It is the time we start to crave hot drinks, cuddles under cosy blankets and getting comfortable indoors. It is time to get warm and cosy this autumn season. NetFlorist has the perfect seasonal spoils and gift ideas to make sure you are ready to ‘rake’ in the autumn benefits or to make someone else’s season unbe-‘leaf’-able.

Seasonal selections to warm and cosy up on the couch

Nothing is cosier than curling up on the couch and watching series or reading a book after a long day. So, for people that are dreading the cold coming up, sending them some gifts for autumn might change their mood.  Encourage them to ‘cosy’ on up to other loved ones or invest in a teddy bear to keep them company if there is no one else around. You can ‘robe’ them into a hug with a personalised gown. There will no excuse to not get all warm and cosy this autumn season.

While it might be too early to light up the fireplace, it’s the perfect time to light a candle. Go the extra step and set the mood and choose a scented candle. Since there is no more pressure to be beach-ready for summer, autumn is the time to eat gourmet snacks! Some chocolates, dried fruits and nuts or even biltong should hit the spot. And don’t forget the warm drinks, they are just as important as snacks. A mug for tea or coffee will make their warm drink taste even better and Le Creuset mugs make it easy to stick to the autumn colours with their variety.

Seasonal selections for a warm and cosy outside

The beautiful leaves might tempt some to go for a stroll.  They try to enjoy the crisp air outside before the weather turns completely cold. Make sure their hands are warmed up with our range of travel mugs and they always have a sip of coffee or tea available. There are also personalised socks available online at NetFlorist to make sure their toes are not left out!

For those who don’t have a partner’s hand to hold or kids and toddlers to keep an eye on, a pair of headphones are the perfect treat so they can ‘chill’ outside and keep up to date with their podcasts.

Autumn also means that there is finally a reason to start wearing hoodies. So, if your partner loves to steal your hoodies, getting them one of our personalised hoodies with their name or a special message is the perfect way to warm up their heart. The best part is you can order clothes online.

Seasonal selections for autumn flowers

As with every new season that ‘fall’ upon us, there are certain plants that work better than others. Bulb flowers are a popular choice to plant in autumn as by the time spring is in the air they will open up and blossom. Bulb flowers are very easy to take care of and you can have beautiful blooms year after year. The trick is to keep the leaves together and making sure the soil is cold and relatively dry.

Tulips are such a classic bulb flower and work as a floral gift for most situations. The fact that this flower is just the right fit that makes it represent comfort and cosiness, everything autumn is about. So, when you want to send them spoils this season, there are a ‘bunch’ of colourful flower options available.

In mythology daffodil flowers sometimes represent being creative and are used in a time of renewal. So why not send some inspiration their way with a daffodil? Daffodils also represent memories, so if you want to reminisce about some good times and let someone know that they are on your mind, a daffodil is the correct ‘pick’.

We all know someone who is going to miss the lazy summer days and needs a bit of extra care during the colder months. Send them a pick-me-up to get them ready to embrace all the warm and cosy this autumn season. Beautiful begonias are perfect for this reason as they are viewed as a sign of care.

So, whether they have a birthday coming up, it’s an anniversary celebration  or just because, you can make it special.  There are tons of seasonal specials online at NetFlorist to ‘leaf’ them feeling all warm and cosy this autumn season.

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