5 Types Of Picnic Day Picnics – Perfect Picnic Presents

It’s often claimed that life is no picnic – but on 18 June it is! Picnic Day 2021 is a chance to enjoy a hearty meal in the outdoors with friends or family. This day is easy to celebrate with our perfect picnic presents.  Then all you need to make it a fun experience is a pristine picnic spot, tasty treats, and someone to share it with.

There are a lot of different types of picnics and everyone has a different approach to making it just right for them. NetFlorist has every picnicker covered with the perfect picnic presents. Here is a list of the top 5 different types of picnics for a Picnic Day celebration.

The Romantic Picnic

This picnic is for all the lovers out there. A romantic picnic is a great idea for a unique date or even to celebrate an anniversary. Packing a basket filled with romantic surprises for your significant other will be the perfect way to warm their heart this Picnic Day.

The Basket Full Of Love is the perfect picnic product for all couples planning an outdoor date. It comes with everything they might need to fill the air with love. The basket comes with a rose bouquet and a bottle of bubbly. For a more personal touch add a Valdo Prosecco Gift Hamper to make them feel like they are on a picnic date somewhere in Italy.

Set up the picnic next to a romantic spot such as a lake or beautiful pond and make sure to bring a soft blanket to cuddle under if the weather is on the colder side. The picnic can even be brought indoors. Cold days are the best for warm love. Every day spent with them will feel like a picnic.

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The Family Affair Picnic

This picnic is for all the moms, dads, and their kids. This is the type of picnic that makes a fun outing for families. It is a great way for them to spend some quality time together outdoors. This picnic requires a big picnic basket, such as the Personalised Buddies Picnic Basket that has enough crockery and cutlery for the whole family.

Put up a ‘spread’ for the whole family by making a variety of sandwiches and packing in some sweet snacks. A travel mug is the perfect picnic present to give as it can be filled with coffee or tea to give the adults some much needed caffeine to keep up with the kids. They can even be used to carry some hot chocolate to warm up the sweet tooth.

So, spread a picnic blanket, personalised for the family, on the ground at a play park or even at a designated picnic site and let the fun begin. Remember to keep calm and picnic on!

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The Casual Picnic

Some people like to do things at the spur of the moment and don’t like to make a fuss. The casual picnic is for those who just want to have a fun time with their friends. They do not want to do a lot of planning or hard work. Have an indoor picnic or head the beach or the backyard with a small and compact picnic basket such as the Refined Picnic Basket.

Ordering a snack hamper online means that there is no worry about coming up with food ideas or spending time in the kitchen preparing a bite. Choose between sweet and savoury options to go with the wine. We all know that the wine is the most important part of this picnic, so make sure it arrives in one piece with a personalised wine carrier.

With NetFlorist’s perfect picnic presents a spur of the moment, casual picnic doesn’t have to be a ‘basket’ case.

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The Perfect Picnic

Whether you’re enjoying an alfresco feast or laid-back lunch, eating outdoors requires planning. The perfect picnic is for the person who knows this. They use their previous picnicking experience to make sure that everything will be ‘picnic’-perfect. This picnicker knows that the right basket can make or break the picnic – the stylish Black Willow Picnic Basket has everything from a corkscrew, salt and pepper, and enough crockery and cutlery.

Since this person has everything ready for a day at the botanical garden or a wine yard, a perfect picnic present for them might be a personalised item. Spoil them with a monogrammed picnic blanket that is easy to carry and fold up.

The perfect picnicker will have the menu planned out in advance, so the last part of the perfect picnic is the right drink choice. NetFlorist has a variety of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks that will have them raise a wine travel glass to Picnic Day. Another perfect picnic in the ‘basket’.

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The Adventurous Picnic

Sitting down and lounging on the grass might not be for everyone. The adventurous picnic is for the people who like to go on adventures in the great outdoors.  They take a small break to have lunch. Carrying a basket and a lot of food on a hike is not ideal, thus the Cellini Sidekick Plus Backpack is a great replacement.

Staying hydrated while walking along a hiking trail or spending time in one of South Africa’s national parks will be easy with a personalised water bottle.  Yummy biltong will also make a perfect snack to carry and give them an energy boost.

With these perfect picnic presents their Picnic Day will be ‘packed’ with adventure.

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Do you have a favourite type of picnic? NetFlorist has the perfect picnic present for every type of picnic, whether it’s indoors, in your backyard or on location. In other words, get that picnic basket ready and get started celebrating Picnic Day.

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